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What do you think about Georgia?

you dont get what "anti-russian" means - it means that it favors the people but doesnt favor Russian pow not just to anger Russia. You think that changing political course towards EU, nationalism, patriotism, national rebirth, rise of national culture (and as a result - decline of rusification) thus internal policy of sovereign countries which Russia has no right to get into, means that USA bought Ukraine, Georgia, Baltic countries just to weaken Russia. That's nonsence.
Revolutions are made for people and by people only. The fact people of sovereign countries turned away from Russia by their own reason never means their primarily goal was to tear them away from Russia and they were planned by USA. Yes, they favor USA but they favor people first of all.
Isn't a ban of russian language from use is several instances in order to promote your own langage and your own culture an "anti-russian event"? Or it should happen during cold war only?


i agree with first part with only 1 exception, nationalism should not be tolerated, even though Russia cant do anything besides protest against that.
"Revolutions are made for people and by people only." Yes they are made by people, yes they are made when people isn't satisfied with how they live in present, but when people meeting in a big crowd, with experienced provokers, its really easy to manipulate this crowd to do anything.
Its not a secret that Usa spends a lot of money for "democracy" in these regions, they declared that by themselves. And it becomes obvious about what these money were spend for, when you see 4 revolutions proceeding by exactly by the same scenario.And i dont see anything good made for these countries by the new government besides deteriorating of relations with Russia.
And the same thing was going to happen with Belarus aswell, but Lukoshenko was too strong for american guys, he has chopped off their plans from a root, even though not b the democratical ways, but since when a revolution became a democratical way?


Tak ih pechkin pizdi im vsem :D


My English is bad, sorry.
I read comments and I'm shocked, some of them are terrible!
2centraLig: What did Russians specifically for you?
2FranticEE: "YOURE PARENTS HAVE NEVER LIVED IN SOVIET UNION SO STFU PLZ" So, my parents lived. But I don't write about it capital letters. I'm not proud of it. Sometimes I talk with my mother about USSR, but I don't agree with her opinion, because I have mine. We can argue over this cause and sometimes we have a stormy quarrel.
Guys, we have a same past, we can rewrite the history, but we can't heal wounds of wars.
Based on some comments I have too many reasons to hate everyone who think bad about Russians and hate us! But it would be stupid action. Though you act similarly. I visited Ukraine, I became acquainted with some good people. We didn't talk about policy. We just chat. And didn't matter I'm Russian or not. I hope in Baltic countries, in Ukraine, Georgia and other there are there are such people which have the opinion( not government's opinion) And if they aren't, the world does not have future.
I still believe in people.


Spending money on democracies means they support unofficial massmedia and organisations which don't have any chance to exist while relying only on themselves as in such countries like Belarus and Russia.
Do you consider one and only president ruling a country for 15 years or putting his own successors or banning any opposition more democratic than overthrowing that bullshit and making real elections?
Belarus is a perfect example of what would have happened to Georgia without revolution. Solo authoritarian dictator with unlimited power and total control over state and no real chance for any opposition.


I don't pretend to know who started the conflict. I suppose your opinion on who started this little invasion is relative to what country you live in, or what news coverage you watch.


Each president wants to prolong term of the government. It will be natural at opposition it to carry out very difficultly. Yes, Medvedev is Putin's successor, but it has taken place because Putin didn't want to bring in alteration to the constitution. I shall not be surprised if Putin becomes the president after Medvedev. What for to be selected on the third term if it is possible to give to be president another and at this time have authority?
The democratic elections are inadmissible luxury for our countries. Even if and to present an opportunity of revolution that not the fact, that the consequences will result in those changes, which people want. The times of revolutions for ideology, for freedom have passed. All revolutions of last time have other reasones . There are 2 parties which are sponsored by the countries from the outside (not for the people interests), hence, wars those countries which simply don't want war in theirs territories. It is easier to them to choose as a chess board the third country for theirs battles. And then consider that it is allowed to them to speak that in these small countries, in which there is no democracy differently couldn't be and under a kind of mercy begin to build democracy there. I consider it terrible.


The majority of the countries which try to enter various international organizations, try more loudly to declare that that with Russia them nothing connects , especially courageous declare that them nothing connected! From it ensue situations with the bronze soldier, conviction Kononov , the antiRussian applications of government of Ukraine etc. There is an impression that they have signed with USA a certain document, in which include the requirement "You must kick under back Russia as is possible more showy", and differently you can't expect for their support. Only they don't know, and can and don't understand that USA never begins to help, if it was not planned or it not in their political goals. Aloud reasoning about the world, USA constantly prepared for war and step by step aggravated a situation in zones of the conflicts, tried to solve the problems with Russia at the expense of these conflicts.


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hah, ukrainian president now conflicts with prime minister because she didnt agreed to vote for condemn of Russia is this democracy you talking about?


i think Russia was right héhé Russia power fuck USA :]




I think America wants to get osetia, that be all, and Russia of This mixes.. Saakshvili hanging up is necessary yet


nice english krilya, and viking, you're a stupid fucking spic


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Go away centraLig


"I think America wants to get osetia, that be all, and Russia of This mixes.. Saakshvili hanging up is necessary yet " what is that ? :D


people from foreign countries, brothers... i want to share one thing with you, the real truth... i have red Lex's vision of this problem, and i definetly agree with him, i really advice u all to see the film zeitgeist ( If u already saw it, then show it to everyone, it`s real must-see video... And then, after watching this film you 'll understand, that there are some things, you have to think about more carefully. And you ll have make the CORRECT position to a conflicts such as Georgia-Ossetia-Russia, Economical crysis, inflation, etc.


zeitgeist using too much of mind games with facts which makes us to believe the things which it shows and it is not the truth with an ultimate authority


2franticEE u know... i dont like any government of any country. I like estonian people, i like everyone in this world. My opinion to situation with "statue" - Estonia has it`s own rights to build their own history, and nobody can prevent it, because it sovereign country. Ofcourse it`s... probably bad, to destroy the memory of ww2, too many people died, but we should be kind to each other anyway, i can bet, that u didn`t took part in destroing this memory. ;)


pechkin well, mind games are really exist there, but how else can author explain people? people adjusted to the mind games, they are everywhere in the tv. If There were no mind games, people will approximately say : Oh! thats too boring. The idea of the film, is not to destroy stereotypes, but to give people the resource to make expulsion...


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