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Member profile rank

I've seen a lot of people asking how the rank system on member's profiles works. At the moment we're looking into implementing a new formula for level & rank calculation, but here's a basic explanation on how the system works.

Every night , member stats such as thumbs up received (quite logic that it's one of factors, isn't it?) among other stuff are loaded and using formula calculated into member XP which is later converted into level. The amount of XP gained decreases with level after a specific level. The rank you see on profiles is rank a member has among all members ordered by xp.

I won't go into details on what's in the formula to prevent abusing, all I can say is that with new system only the actions that an user performs (except received thumbs of course) will be used in final calculation. This means it won't matter how often your profile was visited or how many entries u have in your guestbook etc.

Also, we're thinking about what unique features we could offer to users with high level. Maybe smileys in forums(?) if you are high leveled, as high level would pretty much make sure that a member isn't a spammer or something. Post your ideas (no hardware prizes or such stuff)!


my rank is now about 1800 and I dont really know why I have that rank. My friends keep asking me alot about it haha !!

smileys in forum is a pretty nice idea. I suggest that we can change the background of our profile's pages. It's pretty cool, and I hate this boring white background :D

p/s: I keep giving alot thumb up away :P jkd


:) if u change ya background and put a little music also may appear like a hi5 page =)
personalised , i think the background should be the same for all users.


but i have problem looking at bright color for a long time =DDDDDDDDDDDDD


gogo smiles ! :D


Thanks CIKO for the information :)


smiles very good :)))))))))))


Oooh, I just love giving everyone thumbs down :(


I created my sk gaming 6years ago and I dont have any rank :(


maybe secret match vids and stuff like that that only people with high rank can enter.


I dont know, i just simly get rank and I dont know why :)
maybe you have to be active in sk-sites to get rank or s.t like that I'm not sure.


It seems you have to get thumbs and other stuff like that which gives you XP.
The much XP you got the higher rank you are.


Gather some XP with the bets we make = thx :P


then losing a bet means losing xp aswell.


Give people with a higher rank the opportunity to have their saying in the community, improvements of the system. And then im talking about the people who have been here 1 year or more, nobody needs newbies thumbing everything and adding everybody as a friend or spam in the forums.

Or an opportunity to make some people respected, people who put their effort and time in the community. Some kind of special rank :)


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