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the best place for ESWC ?

France, Germany, Sweden or Russia. Places where interest for esports is highest. where there is interest, there is media and where there is media there is interest for more sponsors to come allowing for bigger venues, more prize money and more teams :)


Kim Rom's back yard!


I'd rather organizations just picked a continent and alternated between the biggest cities in their own. That would provide a real tour feel to esports and different identities for different tournaments. A WCG in Italy doesn't feel as special as one in Korea. Likewise an ESWC in the USA will never mean as much as one in France.


France :D




USA of course...


France, always in France !

it's the big only one tournament international that one be able to have every year there.






France...mais ça fera l'occasion d'allé au USA...


Pakistan or maybe Iran or Zimbabue, I dont know, its 3 BIG countries, very hard to decide




Warsaw H3H3H3 :D
Hmm... Paris : >

Rinotz, Pakistan ? :D Counter Strike in the Street huh ? H@H@ :D



Vive la FRANCE §§!




France or Europe


it's not US because in the interview ESWC says that U.S is not right place for it :D

because my country dont have ESWC qualifier so I myself dont care about where will Eswc take place. I HAVE TO WATCH IS ONLINE ANYWAY haha


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