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Sarah Tancredi back @ S4 LOOOOOL

« Ce n'était pas sa tête, raconte le producteur de la série à TV Guide. C'était sensé être sa tête, mais certaines choses ont changé. Dès qu'on a tourné la scène, on s'est rendu compte qu'il était en fait possible qu'elle soit toujours en vie ! Lincoln n'a regardé qu'un quart de seconde dans la boîte, ça aurait pu être n'importe qui »

inglish trancelation:

"it was not his head, said producteur of the show. it was sensé be his head, mais some things has changed. once wi have tourned the scene, we have seen that it was possibeul that she is still alive!!!!!!! lincoln only chcked the BoX for a quart of a second, it may be everibody except sarah".

lol feinted gg++ série de merde


so did they start to produce a season 4?
would be stupid if they say now it wasnt her head, should be a fake rumour ;)


They already said it. That's just stupid, like season 3 =)


babelfish is your friend?


SO, it wasn't Sarah Tancredi or what ?


Yes. That's stupid lol ~~ Scofield ends the S3 saying he will pwn everyone for sara's kill...


OMG ^^ MonsterKill :)


In the fourth, i think scofield will escape of a prison in Iraq or afghanistan. HUMMM NO.


She will be back, according to the producer himself :)


she was pregnant during the filming of season 3,thats why she got her head blown off her shoulders.i also heard she'll be back.scoffield is gay


Didn't LJ say he saw Gretchen cut off Sarah's head himself?


Yes :)


Saw this coming because she was preg's during this season and they didnt make a big deal about it.


sucks :D


Go Sarah go.


I was right.


You were right.


sarah is prolly responsible for everything...


yes you're wright & i think s4 is in her 3rd episode ^^ EnjoY


isn't she cute???????????? :PPPPP


she is! :] lol


haha ;)


SELF where is my ambulance????



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