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Nihilum 3vs3 Beasteh Cherez Dreadlol

23rd February 2008, 00:23
World of Warcraft
603,378 KB

Hello again,

First of all I would like to mention a few things but will keep the important stuff listed at the top if you can’t be bothered to read the whole thing :P

This movie is of Nihilum Arena, specifically showing our 3v3 team Nihilum Cake Squad (:P). The footage was taken on Cyclone BG, EU (Stormscale).

Get this bit out of the way. This movie contains the following - Please do not watch/comment if these elements do not meet your satisfaction:

Arena Only PvP

Druid PoV: 50% - Beasteh
Hunter PoV: 50% - Cherez (aka Cherekee)
Warlock PoV: 0% - Dreadlol (aka Dreadfull)
5v5 Arena: 5%
3v3 Arena: 95%
2v2 Arena: 0% !

All high skilled/geared opponents
Anti setups such as 2 melee
No free-win setups such as 2 healer
Average editing – (Better than our 2v2)
Average quality – (Cherez widescreen monitor didn’t help things ;P)
A realistic view of top-end arena, i.e. Many RMP

For a few of the final clips Cherez was experimenting with modeling and his char is modeled as Undead. If model editing deeply upsets you and skill/quality of the movie is irrelevant in comparison, please do not watch.

We cannot possibly answer all (most) in game queries so please direct any questions to where there’s a dedicated PvP forum you can ask us questions in. You can also use the Guestbook or Private Message system and we’ll respond 100%.

All Nihilum Arena UI’s are available from Media Section, please don’t ask us about UI’s ;)

As always if people enjoy this movie we will continue to make more, possibly adding 5v5/2v2. Please say so if you do not as all feedback is welcome, within reason.

The only setup that I feel should and isn’t added is retadin/warrior/priest or druid. Unfortunately we did not get any decent footage versus this setup, though it is entirely doable and in my personal opinion the hardest possible team for us is displayed in the movie.

Music in order of appearance, attempted to make it fairly original… – Please mute if you do not like:

Isolee – January Mix Demo
Pronobozo – Logistica
Cornershop – Brim Full of Asha
Unkle – Lonely Souls [ft Richard Ashcroft]
Unkle – Reign (supermix)
Prononbozo – At Last
The Legion Of Doom – Devil In A Blue Dress(Coheed And Cambria vs Senses Fail)
Bloodhound Gang – Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Johnny Cash – Ring of fire

Thanks for reading and hopefully watching. I hope you enjoy the movie. Please add a comment below after viewing :D

Best regards,
Beasteh, Cherez, dreadlol

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