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Highest Rated 2v2 Rogue Jamoro

24th January 2008, 21:50
World of Warcraft
727,237 KB

My very first pvp movie, its about me and blizp playing 2on2, I know the editing could improve a lot more, but thats not what I aimed for in this movie , the frapsed material was shot in 3 evenings of pvp, but we had lots of requests so I hope you guys enjoy it, if so we'll release a second movie.

I had to speed some of the fights up since they took too long (warrior druid, hunter priest.) I had a lot of people asking me how a rogue and a druid could win from warrior druid so I it hope it gives people an idea, if not i've got 4-5 more top warrior druid movies, which I can choose from for our second movie.

I know there are people who'll just say "All Gear" If you feel like that, please dont bother watching the movie, tips are more then welcome, question can be answered ingame.
Blizp/Jamoro @ Magtheridon-EU


On a sidenote, for some people the stage6 will have to load completely, before the sound will play with the movie(Sorry for that, no clue though how that happend)

A big thanks to for hosting our movie :)

Enjoy :)

/Blizp and Jamoro (Magtheridon EU)

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