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World #1 2v2 Druid/Hunter

12th January 2008, 04:31
World of Warcraft
518,620 KB

Arena 2vs2 movie featuring Beasteh(Druid) & Cherekee(Hunter) Ranked #1 Worldwide

Hi there,
This movie was created due to a high demand for information by players in-game about our tactics/play style etc. This is my first real attempt at a movie so the editing is not top notch but I don’t think it’s terrible.

The clips were recorded over one/two days of season 3. All clips should include high rated/skilled teams and I tried to include all popular combo’s, though with the limited time frame I had to make do with the teams playing. Constructive criticism about the movie and/or play ability is more than welcome but please don’t flame! ;d

The footage has been sped up by 20% to compensate for the long games (Drainz0r). The film is a little light hearted but should entertain (I.e. Taking the piss out of Cherekee, don’t take it seriously). If you don’t like the music please mute.

Some fights may (shouldn’t… I hope) bore the average viewer, i.e. those not interested in detailed tactics etc.
Before people ask, the reason for party spam is because we don’t use any voice comm’s (better concentration), so I’ve got plenty of macros that spam.

If you would like a serious, pro footage only version we would be happy to take the time to film and produce it. Cherekee is also interested in making a 2v2/3v3/5v5 compilation, if people are interested then please say, if not, no problem.

Do not bother watching if you are not interested in the following:
Arena Only PvP

Codec’s Used:
Not too cool on this but it’s all that Divx biz.

Music Used:
Pendulum – Streamline
The Kinison – Hey Hey Hey
P.O.D – Boom
Jimmy Eat World – Pain
Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds
Apollo 440 - Ain't Talking About Dub
Bill Withers – Lean On Me

Programs Used:
Sony Vegas

- Written by Beasteh/Apathy

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