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Chobra: "[GE Tigers' loss] is a wake-up call for Korea

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Mar 17, 2015 19:26

ImageMoments before TSM defeated WE at IEM Katowice, we sat down with the tournament host, William ‘Chobra’ Cho, and discussed his recent endeavor in Poland, the games that took place and his thoughts on the weekend as a whole.

IEM Season 9 World Championship Preview

By Alex 'Xceptional' Ferriday
Mar 10, 2015 15:44

ImageA look at every team attending the IEM Season 9 World Championship as well as group previews.

SK Gaming's 2015 journey

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Jan 21, 2015 21:03

ImageWe take a look at our promising League of Legends line-up one day before the start of the EU LCS.

Worlds 2014 - Behind the Scenes with SK

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 21, 2014 19:22

ImageHave a look at our short documentary following SK's League of Legends' team before, during and after the 2014 World Championship.

Video: Dr Pepper Allstars with nRated

By René 'Rene' L.
Sep 9, 2014 12:15

ImageThe Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament 2014 celebrated the Grand Final show during this years gamescom. Chris "nRated" Seitz and his DPAT team lined up against xPeke to determine the Dr Pepper Allstar Champion. Relive the show with this exclusive gamescom recap video!

Travis: "People should just go and create stuff"

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Apr 4, 2014 19:05

ImageTravis Gafford is an eSports journalist, host and interviewer for onGamers. He shares the story of how he got into eSports, what makes an entertaining interview for him and more!

10 tips for your visit to the EU LCS studios

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Mar 31, 2014 18:21

ImageHey, my name is Philipp and I attended the EU LCS during the past couple of weeks and summed up some quick tips for your coming to the MMC Studios in Cologne! If you have any additions to this list simply leave those in the comment section!

InnerFlame: "NIP is top 2 in Europe right now"

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Feb 4, 2014 01:00

ImageJoe "InnerFlame" Elouassi is the manager for SK Gaming Prime, our new League of Legends amateur team, formerly known as Team Kappa Prime. He talks about the team, their goals, the difference of LCS and Coke League teams and more!

How eSports scene is radically moving forward

By Ash 'Chowders' Choudhry
Oct 31, 2013 19:39

ImageWe delve into the eSports scene looking at its rising personal and commercial success and raising awareness for its future potential in the entertainment industry.

CJ Blaze attain victory at WCG Korean Qualifers

By Ash 'Chowders' Choudhry
Oct 23, 2013 18:56

ImageWe explore the roller coaster ride CJ Entus Blaze have gone through, including their achievement at obtaining first place in the WCG Korean 2013 qualifiers.

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