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Recap of the League - LPL playoffs

By Edvardas 'EdCherie' Vysniauskas
Apr 13, 2016 15:43

ImageThe regular season in China ended last week and the playoffs started today. Therefore lets look into the possible outcomes of the games from each side of the bracket.

Recap of the League - EU LCS Playoff Preview

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Apr 1, 2016 18:21

ImageThe regular season has ended and the top 6 six teams advance to see who will become the EU LCS Spring Split champion. Here we preview the match-ups and try to predict the eventual outcomes.

Conquer Summoner's Rift: SuNo's LeBlanc

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Mar 15, 2016 14:45

ImageOur current Korean mid-laner Sun-ho "SuNo" Ahn shares his thoughts on one of the traditional powerhouse mages, LeBlanc: The Deceiver. This guide will teach you how to control one of League's deadliest assassins and take over the rift.

IEM Season 10 World Championship Preview

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Mar 4, 2016 13:03

ImageThis year's IEM finals in Katowice, Poland, promise to be a spectacular event, with some of the world's most exciting teams in attendance. We preview each team and take a look at how the groups could possibly play out.

Conquer Summoner's Rift: SuNo's Twisted Fate

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Mar 2, 2016 20:33

ImageWe sat down with our mid lane player Sun-ho "SuNo" Ahn and discussed one of his favourite champions Twisted Fate. Want to know how to control waves or generally act on league's card master? Then you've clicked the right link.

Recap of the League - LCK #2

By Edvardas 'EdCherie' Vysniauskas
Mar 2, 2016 17:25

ImageThe LCK Spring split is at the end of round one, therefore, we will take a closer look on how the league is shaping up.

Recap of the League - EU LCS #2

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Feb 29, 2016 16:19

ImageAs the European LCS regular season nears its end, we take a look at the current standings as well as the likely playoff contenders.

Recap of the League - LCK

By Edvardas 'EdCherie' Vysniauskas
Feb 9, 2016 16:26

ImageOur latest recap is about the commonly referred to as strongest region in the world, LCK. After four weeks of back to back series of matches, we are going to take a closer look at the league so far.

Recap of the League - NA LCS

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Feb 4, 2016 16:56

ImageMuch has changed for this split of NA LCS: new imports, old returners, and a big splash of colour as brand new teams seek to dethrone the old established organisations. We take a look at how things have panned out so far.

Recap of the League - LPL

By Edvardas 'EdCherie' Vysniauskas
Feb 2, 2016 20:59

ImageThe first three weeks have passed in LPL and today in Recap of the League we're going to look into how things have transpired in the region.

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