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Journey to Legend with Freakeh' Miracle Rogue

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
May 24, 2016 15:30

ImageFollow in Freakeh's footsteps and make your own journey to legend with this Miracle Rogue deck. Learn the Roguish way here!

Old Gods: Our Pros Pick Their Favourite Cards!

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Apr 24, 2016 13:33

ImageThe Old Gods are coming and their horde of cards have now been revealed! Find out here which cards our Hearthstone Pros are excited about and what they think about the nerfs to the old cards.

Deck Spotlight: AKAWonder's Murloc Paladin

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Apr 16, 2016 17:33

ImageDo you love to MRHGLHGHL? Do you want to feel that moment of absolute power where an empty board becomes a one turn kill combo of Murlocs? Well, your wishes have been granted. AKAWonder is here to show you the way of MRGHLGHLGL!

Recap of the League - LPL playoffs

By Edvardas 'EdCherie' Vysniauskas
Apr 13, 2016 15:43

ImageThe regular season in China ended last week and the playoffs started today. Therefore lets look into the possible outcomes of the games from each side of the bracket.

Prepare yourself for the Old Gods with Amazon!

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Apr 11, 2016 13:30

ImageThe Old Gods are coming. Are you prepared? Will you have the legendary cards you need? Buy packs pre-release with Amazon and SK Gaming's great offer and prepare your collection for the horrors of the Old Gods while saving 25% or more!

Resurrect with Zetalot!

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Apr 4, 2016 19:13

ImageHave you always loved Priest? Has healing and resurrecting been your thing? Our Priest master Zetalot brings us a deck today that will have you healing and bringing minions back to life so that you can heal them again!

Recap of the League - EU LCS Playoff Preview

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Apr 1, 2016 18:21

ImageThe regular season has ended and the top 6 six teams advance to see who will become the EU LCS Spring Split champion. Here we preview the match-ups and try to predict the eventual outcomes.

Conquer Summoner's Rift: SuNo's LeBlanc

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Mar 15, 2016 14:45

ImageOur current Korean mid-laner Sun-ho "SuNo" Ahn shares his thoughts on one of the traditional powerhouse mages, LeBlanc: The Deceiver. This guide will teach you how to control one of League's deadliest assassins and take over the rift.

Whispers of the Old Gods revealed

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Mar 12, 2016 15:30

ImageHearthstone has just revealed its next big expansion - Whispers of the Old Gods. Find out what we know and AKAWonder's first impressions.

IEM Season 10 World Championship Preview

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Mar 4, 2016 13:03

ImageThis year's IEM finals in Katowice, Poland, promise to be a spectacular event, with some of the world's most exciting teams in attendance. We preview each team and take a look at how the groups could possibly play out.

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