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Lessons Learned: IEM San Jose

By Alex 'Krahft' Ferriday
Nov 24, 2015 17:12

ImageWe look back at IEM San Jose and the 5 most important lessons to take away from the event.

SK Gaming chats with Sid 'Supatease' Compston

By Stephen 'l33te3lite' Gothik
Nov 19, 2015 15:40

ImageSK Gaming had the pleasure of talking to one of the best World of Warcraft arena shoutcasters Sid 'Supatease' Compston and ask him a few questions.

Learn how to AWP defensively with SK.cadiaN!

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Oct 21, 2015 16:39

ImageLooking for tips and tricks? Check out our newest video tutorial featuring the Danish team captain.

Journey to Legend with AKAWonder's Dragon Priest

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Oct 18, 2015 14:59

ImageThis week our featured Legend deck comes from our favourite Spanish Hearthstone player, AKAWonder! He made his way to legend using the Dragon Priest deck – find out what makes this deck so strong here.

Journey to Legend with Freakeh's Druid

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Oct 11, 2015 18:47

ImageContinuing our Journey to Legend series, we met up with Jesper “Freakeh” Eriksson to see what deck he recommends using in the current ladder climate.

Spo wins Gigacon

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Oct 7, 2015 14:55

ImageThe newly crowned Gigacon champion Sebastian "Spo" Sjöbeck sits down for an interview with us discussing his victory and how he got there.

Journey to Legend with MartinCreek's Mech Mage

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Oct 5, 2015 13:39

ImageContinuing with the Journey to Legend series, this time we check in with MartinCreek to see what deck he used to climb the ladder.

Breaking down the regions - LCK

By Edvardas 'EdCherie' Vysniauskas
Sep 29, 2015 17:50

ImageAs the World Championship is just around the corner, it's time to review the strongest regions this year – LPL and LCK, starting with the Korean qualified teams: SKT T1, KOO Tigers and KT Rolster.

European Heroes collide in Prague

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Sep 28, 2015 17:28

ImageThe Heroes of the Storm European Championship is taking place later this week in Prague, Czech Republic, so we offer you a look at all the participating teams.

Journey to Legend: Zetalot Takes Rank 1 with Priest

By Danai 'Tarongil' Gabre
Sep 23, 2015 18:49

ImageEver the Champion for the power of the Priest Class, Zetalot has taken the EU Ladder by storm with his new deck and even took rank 1.

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