2012 GSL World Championship
2012 GSL World Championship

2012-12-01 - 2012-12-02

The 2012 GSL World Championship is an event to be held at IPL 5, organized by both IGN and GOMTV, where a team of all-stars from South Korea take on top players from Europe, America and South-East Asia/Oceania in team league.

Line up Korean All Stars: Seed, MC, Squirtle, DongRaeGu, Life

Line up World All Stars: NaNiwa, Stephano, Nerchio, Scarlett, LucifroN

Round 1: 5 1vs1 matches will be played between the two teams.
Round 2: both teams will face off in an All-Kill Format team match.
Round 3: ace match: one final 1vs1 in best of 3 will be played if the score is 1 - 1.

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