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NiP 2005 wins the NiP showmatch


The Ninjas in Pijamas team from 2005 beated the current NiP CS:GO team on the Inferno Online showmatch with the result of 2-1. They played Counter-Strike 1.6 and they ended up with the results of 14-16 on de_dust2, 16-12 on de_nuke and 16-14 on de_inferno.


By: _shinboy
Views: 51
Comments: 11
Length: 00:00:23

By: Patinson
Views: 43
Comments: 3
Length: 00:00:58

By: CPLNet
Views: 41
Comments: 2
Length: 00:08:56

By: juggcore
Views: 56
Comments: 3
Length: 00:00:32

By: juggcore
Views: 40
Comments: 3
Length: 00:01:03

By: CPLNet
Views: 86
Comments: 7
Length: 00:00:59

By: dkl1337
Views: 27
Comments: 3
Length: 00:00:27

Photos: 5
Visits: 2,086
CS #2 [PUB]
By: shellwxd
Photos: 16
Visits: 1,819
CS 1.6
By: ToRnaDDo
Photos: 2
Visits: 1,197
By: Jessie
Photos: 1
Visits: 360


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