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Team Wings move to Serious Gaming

By Nick 'nickh' Hamilton
Oct 9, 2005 23:50

Team Wings have been one of, if not the best team in Finland for quite some times now.

They've participated, and done extremely well in a lot of top tournaments over the recent months - their most recent event being the European WEG 3 qualifier, which they won against Team NoA in the final.
Today it was announced that Team Wings will no longer be known by that name anymore, they will be joining the Dutch organisation 'Serious Gaming', and be under their flag from now on.
The team will of course still stay the same; the line-up can be found below:
Ilkka "barrack" Mäkinen
Janne "Kuppi" Kuparinen
Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen
Niko "naSu" Kovanen
Antti "Shiri" Mäkinen
An extract of the official statement from the organisation can be found below:
“Serious Gaming is happy to announce its new Counter-Strike team, Wings. After several weeks of negotiations, Serious Gaming and Team Wings have come to an agreement and have signed into a six month contract. Team Wings will now play for the Serious Gaming organization and use their tag for all Counter-Strike matches.”
With months of outstanding results under the name of Team Wings behind them, the Serious Gaming squad should continue to keep their flag flying high and carry on doing exceedingly well in all of their tournaments.
After winning the European qualifier for the third season of WEG, Serious Gaming will most certainly be seeded first, and will be going into the tournament extremely confident.
We wish the team the best of luck in the WEG 3 tournament, they should go far! | #Serious.Team



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