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IT Recruits Deco

By Kim 'KidArctica' E.
Sep 15, 2005 04:41

The Norwegian based clan Incredible Teamaction is getting even more international.

Now, they have added the French veteran Christophe "Deco" Leyssieux to their roster before the last few WC3L playdays.
Deco is a well-known Human player from France. He has participated in numerous offline events, and he was a part of ArmaTeam. After they broke up, things got more quiet around Deco, but now he seems to be back.
"He came to us and said he needed a WC3L team to find motivation to get 'good' again. We have practiced with and talked to him for quite some time now, and we feel that this is a suitable time to announce his comeback into the professional scene," says IT manager Gustav Marius "flabbert" Karto.
IT recently got a cold shower in the WC3L when they lost 0-5 to mTw. "God knows what happened. It started by us getting DIDI8 against Hum4niC, something I wouldn't have expected even if it had been announced by posters outside of my door. We had some bad luck, the air went out of the balloon when Hum4niC lost that clearly, and well, to underestimate mTw - which we kind of did - owns you," flabbert says.
He denies that Deco joins because of the bad result against mTw, though he admits that they may have added him a bit earlier than planned because of it. Now he is confident that Deco's experience will help the team forward. "This extremely seasoned player will make a brilliant addition to our fairly big squad, and he might show a trick or three to the younger players."
Since Deco was added during playday 7, he will be able to play for IT from playday 9. "I hope he will be the influence the team needs to stay in the WC3L," flabbert says and adds that Deco got checked out thoroughly after a certain Chemi episode and that he is indeed the real thing.



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