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Dutch eSports Association Founded

By Kim 'KidArctica' E.
Sep 2, 2005 01:23

Dutch eSports has taken its first steps towards official recognition.

Today, "De Nederlandse Electronic Sport Bond" (The Dutch eSports Association) was created, and they have initiated the process of being accepted as an official sport by the Dutch Sports Association and the Dutch Olympic Committee. This was announced at the Essent Kabel COMgress.
According to the official website,, the association will start organising tournaments in 2006. It is currently supported by Gameparty, which is the biggest organiser of LAN parties in the Netherlands, and by Best of Benelux, the largest gaming tournament in the country at the moment. The new association is currently looking for sponsors and partners.
Jasper Schoo, chairman of the new association, has put down a list of goals that they will be working towards. Arvid "u5.Myth" Fekken has translated the list, which is in Dutch, into English:
a. Unite all those in the Netherlands that practice "electronic sports" or serve this sport in any way.
b. Look after the common interest of the members.
c. Work together with organisations in and outside of the Netherlands in order to improve the goals that are set.
d. Cooperate with, or help organise and improve competitions.
e. Organise championships.
f. Publishing one or more Electronic Sports magazines and other publications.
g. Help promoting esports.
h. Promote founding of Electronic Sports clubs.
i. Organise or help organise workshops and education.
j. Using all other legal goals that can improve the goal.
k. Improve the level of the sport and its presentation to the outside world.
Myth has been in the Dutch eSports scene for a long time, and he thinks this is a great initiative. "As many people know, the Netherlands have some great gamers with many international successes, but lack competitions in their own country. Getting electronic sports more accepted is necessary for it to evolve and for more competition to arise. Initiatives like these are a step in the good direction, and will hopefully bring gaming to the next level. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world," he says.



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