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Aimetti Rejoins zEx

By Andrei 'hancu-' Hancu
Mar 29, 2005 03:46

It seems like today the already well known North American Counter-Strike player Dan "Aimetti" Aimetti has decided to rejoin his old team Zebra Extreme also known as zEx. After a short adventure with Team NAU it seems like Dan was missing home and he decided to come back. Here's how their current roster looks: Derek "Titus" Clark Andy "rector" Rector Dan "Aimetti" Aimetti Aran "i0nZ" Curbelo Himal "yuk" Patel Kevin "Holyman" Lawler Brett "Exile" Doyle (Inactive) Sam "Hicks" Hickey (Inactive) Bikram "Ja$pal" Jaspal (Inactive) I've also managed to catch up with Salas "Sasa" Alam, the manager of zEx, and get an exclusive statement from him. In the upcoming material he mainly speaks about the past of his team in 2004 as well as the future of zEx with it's reunited lineup.

zExclusive: A year in review and a look ahead
First let me introduce myself, my name is Salas Alam and I'm the manager of zEx Gaming. I will be giving an outlook for zEx in 2005, but before I get into that, I will give you a brief summary of 2004 and how things have progressed to how they currently are.
In 2004, We had modest results. We started out having success at local LAN events. We also did well in CAL Invite, advancing to the finals at the CPL, against GamerCO (then Rival). We would end up losing the match by the score of 13-11. The match had an effect on us and the results were evident. GamerCO went on to place 3rd at the event, while we finished a disappointing 17-24. After Summer CPL 2004, we knew that there had to be a drastic improvement. The results of the CPL and failures at the ESWC qualifier made changes all but certain.
Shortly after, We had numerous roster changes, which appeared to be for the better. We had released silk and had added s1monz and spaz to our roster. We managed to place 3rd in the initial GGL tournament with the lineup of: Titus, rector, spaz, s1monz and aimetti. Bigwie had already been released from the team after the CPL and s1monz was released shortly after the GGL. We were ready for the new CAL Invite season to begin.
Since the CPL World Tour game wasn't going to be CS, We knew Brian "Destrukt" Flander wouldn't be active with the CS team. We had roster changes again and Jaspal had decided to be active once again.We did well in the CAL Invite season, losing in the playoffs to WEW, the eventual champions. At this point, we had already readded one of our original members and good friend Himal "yuk" Patel. We had thought our lineup was set for Winter CPL 2004. We had wanted to play with the current lineup at the time, which would be:Titus, rector, aimetti, Ja$pal and Patel. As time went on, we found out that Aimetti would not be able to attend Winter CPL due to his classes. This was a major setback to say the least. We recruited Mason to replace Aimetti for the Winter CPL and were ready to move forward with practice, only to find out that Jaspal would not be able to attend either. We recruited Exile to replace Jaspal in the CPL lineup.
Going into the Winter CPL, the goal was modest, yet realistic. We had wanted to improve upon the previous CPL and considering the circumstances, we did fairly well, placing 13-16. For a lack of better words, the highlight of the event was once again losing a close match to GamerCO on mill after winning both pistol rounds. We placed 13-16, while GamerCO once again placed 3rd. We released Mason shortly after the CPL due to internal problems.
Everyone was tired and wanted to take a break after the CPL. The team was inactive for a few weeks, during this time Aimetti decided to join his local LAN team. Everyone was tired and not really into playing and Aimetti had wanted to play on a active team with his local friends. We brought back a previous local zEx player Sam Hickey to fill in the void. After initially struggling, we decided to make some more roster changes and recruited i0nZ and Holyman. This had brought our lineup to: Titus, rector, Holyman, Patel, i0nZ and Exile.
Since the new lineup, we have been performing up to our expectations. We are once again deep into the CAL Invite playoffs, recently losing a close match to Complexity. We are set to play with United5 in the lower bracket finals and we should win, we are looking forward to a rematch with Complexity. With the emergence of CEVO and the GGL Americup being announced, we have once again decided to make a minor roster move. Dan "rage" Aimetti will once again be joining the team. Aimetti rejoining the team will bring our roster to:
Derek "Titus" Clark
Andy "rector" Rector
Dan "Aimetti" Aimetti
Aran "i0nZ" Curbelo
Himal "yuk" Patel
Kevin "Holyman" Lawler
Brett "Exile" Doyle (Inactive)
Sam "Hicks" Hickey (Inactive)
Bikram "Ja$pal" Jaspal (Inactive)
In the immediate future, we will compete in both CEVO and the GGL Cup. Our LAN activities will consist of attending the ESWC qualifier. Schedule premitting, we may also attend a CPL World Tour stop in the near future. We feel the current lineup improves the chances of the team having greater overall success in 2005.
Big thanks to zEx|Sasa for taking time to write this material for SK-Gaming. Good luck to him and to his team in the future.



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