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Delpan and co. won FACEIT January cup

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 26, 2014 07:51

ImageThe Swedish mix team EL1TEGAM3RS1337, featuring players from our SK Gaming team and LGB eSports won FACEIT January Championship.

Despite being just another season of FACEIT's monthly online cups with small prize pool, the Swedish mix team SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 had to defeat some of the currently biggest names in the world in order to be crowned as the winners of this competition.

The Swedish mix team had the following lineup:

Starting with devastating victory over SE hiGhrollers on de_mirage, the Swedish mix team then faced the former Astana Dragons squad, now known as UA 1337, where we witnessed SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson and company moving directly to the grand final by eliminating the CIS-based team on de_dust2. There the company went into a tough match against the French team FR NAMELESS , formerly known as Recursive. Despite the former VeryGames player FR Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub and his teammates pulling out strong resistance and taking the first map, EL1TEGAM3RS1337 continued to play on high level and managed to survive the challenging battle, winning FACEIT January Championship and adding total of eight hundred dollars more in their pockets.

SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 16:1 SE hiGhrollers @ de_mirage
SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 16:9 UA 1337 @ de_dust2

SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 12:16 FR NAMELESS @ de_inferno
SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 16:13 FR NAMELESS @ de_cache
SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 16:4 FR NAMELESS @ de_dust2

SK|twist continues to surprise the fans with his outstanding performance. (Photo by

The final standings of FACEIT January Championship are the following:

1st SE EL1TEGAM3RS1337 - $800
2nd FR NAMELESS - $400
3-4th UA 1337 - $150
3-4th SE Fnatic - $150

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for more hot news.




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