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LCS EU: Week 7, Day 1

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Mar 30, 2013 22:43

ImageIn week 7 of the LCS we cover the games of Giants vs Gambit, AAA vs Fnatic, SK vs Copenhagen Wolves and AAA vs Dragoborns just for you. Read on for all of the recaps.

Day 1 of week 7 in the LCS and we have already seen quite a lot of spectacular games. Today we will hopefully see a lot more of them as we start the day with Giants vs Gambit Gaming.

Game one: ES Giants vs RU Gambit Gaming

Giants: Kayle, Thresh, Zed
Gambit: Kennen, Kassadin, Shen

Giants: Elise, Miss Fortune, Rumble, Zyra, Twisted Fate
Gambit: Diana, Nasus, Janna, Ashe, Renekton

The game started with 15 minutes of domination by Gambit who secured 3 kills quickly and seemed to snowball of it afterwards. However at minute 15 a tower dive went horribly wrong and brought Giants back into the game, as kills and global gold were evened up.

This also introduced the time in the game in which Giants took full control. After winning another fight in the dragon area a few minutes later, suddenly everything was in favor of Giants as they were 4 kills ahead of Gambit now.

This was the story of the game, as they took kills left and right always pushing. In the end Gambit was trying to make something happen with last stand under their nexus turrets, which surprisingly won them a little bit of time as they were able to secure a lot of kills, which would still not be enough after the respawn of the Giants. The Spanish team eventually rolled over the base of Gambit, taking the first game of the day and upsetting Gambit for the second time.

Winner: ES Giants

Game two: FR against All authority vs EU Fnatic

AAA: Nasus, Leona, Thresh
Fnatic: Renekton, Shen, Sona

AAA: Volibear, Elise, Zed, Ezreal, Alistar
Fnatic: Varus, Jarvan IV, Lulu, Kha'Zix, Twisted Fate

In the second game of the day the first thing worth mentioning would be a lane switch of the mid and bottom lane coming out of AAA. This would soon become more important as the game progressed however the first big action of the game took place in the top lane as sOAZ took down Freddy122.

A few minutes later it was clear that AAA's plan wouldn't get to work as the lane switch went horribly wrong, actually even getting a better position for Fnatic instead of hurting their game.

The game itself went onesidedly, as only Fnatic was able to make anything happen and that's what they did, again and again and again. It was clear that Fnatic had the game under full control, taking it with a convincing performance in the end.

Winner: EU Fnatic

Game three: DK Copenhagen Wolves vs EU SK Gaming

CW: Volibear, Kayle, Kassadin
SK: Zed, Kha'Zix, Thresh

CW: Jarvan IV,Shen, Lulu, Graves, Orianna
SK: Sona, Varus, Irelia, Nasus, Ahri

Game three here with the first one for SK this weekend. The early game started with strong-looking Wolves as we are used to. Even though the bot lane seemed to be the only hope for SK at the start the first blood came down here onto Nyph.

This would change as even though the Wolves were picking up more kills, SK was able to keep the gold even as the game progressed. A turning point was the baron for Wolves at around 40 minutes. After this the only pressure seemed to be onto SK Gaming as they suffered losses everywhere, even losing their middle inhibitor in the end.

Everything looked grim at this point for SK until the were finally able to win a fight in their base, which turned the tides once again. After another teambfight this time at the Wolves' base SK were able to take out four people and secure the game.

Winner: EU SK Gaming

Game four: EU DragonBorns vs FR against All authority

DB: Nasus, Volibear, Twisted Fate
AAA: Draven, Jarvan IV, Thresh

DB: Xin Zhao, Lux, Elise, Varus, Lulu
AAA: Kayle, Shen, Sona, Ezreal, Diana

The last game of the day started with an advantage for DB as they secured first blood at level one with a crazy teleport-play. This was how the game went on, kills for DB and no real response out of AAA.

As soon as the team fights started AAA suddenly came back into the game and even established a lead shortly after a few fights. From that point on the game was controlled by AAA, who didn't gave any chance to DB.

Eventually AAA just sieged down the base of DB, not caring for kills, but just taking out the nexus of DB.

Winner: FR AAA



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