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Valve release a new CS:GO big update

By Andrei 'swaMp' Pintica
Mar 22, 2013 08:12

ImageValve has released a new update for CS:GO which will introduce some important changes to the game.

This update it's around 200 mb. This important update it's adding a new defuse way,a defuse will now be halted once a player turn his view too far from facing the bomb.

This could play a significant role in the way teams try to retake bombsites as sometimes they defuse the bomb while searching for the attacking players who are still alive or they are covering the teammate. Also it can be a good tactic for the pro gaming gameplay tactics.

The fans that are watching the favorite team, trough GOTV will now be follow the spectated player correctly by using the radar.

Also, the team from Valve has also made some significant changes to CS:GO Hostage Rescue mode, adding cs_militia to the map pool and making it that hostages are now carried by CTs rather than following behind. But here, at SK-GAMING we are not talking about hostages rescue missions or tactics, we are talking about PRO GAMING

Below you can find the complete changelog for March 21st's update:

Added new Hostage Rescue map cs_militia
Update Hostage Rescue Mode rules
Hostage positions are randomly assigned at the beginning of the match. The hostages will start at these positions for the entire match.
Hostages are now carried by CTs instead of following behind.
Hold +use for 4 seconds to pick up a hostage. (Equipping a rescue kit will decrease the time required to 1 second.)
CTs win a round when the first hostage is rescued.
Reduced round timer. Round time is extended when the first hostage has been picked up.
Rebalanced money rewards to accommodate new rules.
Hostages now indicate whether they are above or below you on the radar.
cs_office, cs_assault, and cs_italy have updated to use random hostage spawn points.
Added convars to modify new hostage rules:

mp_hostages_max - Sets the maximum number of hostages to spawn.
mp_hostages_rescuetime - Setting 0 removes the time extension when CTs pick up the first hostage.
mp_hostages_spawn_farthest - Setting 1 forces hostage spawn points to choose be the farthest possible combinations.
mp_hostages_spawn_force_positions - Setting a comma separate list (ex: 0,2 ) forces specific hostage spawn point combinations.
mp_hostages_spawn_same_every_round - Setting 0 randomizes the hostage spawn points every round.
mp_hostages_takedamage - Setting 0 allows hostages to be hurt.

Added hostage entity properties for new hostage rules:
HostageSpawnRandomFactor - Allows to increase probability of hostage random spawning rules to use that spawn point.
HostageSpawnExclusionGroupN - Hostages sharing same spawn exclusion group will never spawn together.

The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb.
Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper.
Players play the regular jump (step) sound when moving greater than walk speed that can be heard by both the jumper and all clients in earshot.
The timer that performs the random map selection visuals now properly gets killed when the scoreboard hides.
Fixed convar mp_weapons_allow_map_place not properly eliminating map-placed weapons. NOTE: FY servers will need to set this convar to 1.
Added an option to func_dustmotes entity volumes that lets them choose to not be affected by wind.
Fixed in-game clipping for triple-monitor rendering configurations.
Added overtime indicator to GOTV spectators miniscoreboard.
Radar should now correctly follow spectated player when spectating via GOTV.
Adjusted score and MVP rewards for gameplay events related to planting, defending and defusing the bomb, and for reaching, protecting and extracting hostages.
Steam overlay game details will now correctly show players score.
Fixed special characters of player name not correctly displaying in some UI elements.
Fixed a bug where friends were banned from joining parties where one of the members failed to recently accept a competitive match.

Source CounterStrike Global Offensive Blog



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