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Team MRN Roster Changes, Pending Future

By Dan 'Danheim' Greeno
Mar 20, 2013 00:42

ImageIn an announcement on Twitter, Marn, owner of Team MRN, clarified the issue with recent roster changes and the potential future of his team.

US MRN has had its ups and downs all season, but the woes of the LCS team came to a head over this last weekend at MLG Dallas where two issues had became painfully obvious: the health of their midlaner ecco, whom missed the entirety of MLG Dallas due to a last minute health issue, and the consistency of ranged AD Heartbeat.

Those who closely follow the team already know of the issues surrounding MRN, but even the casual fan of eSports would know that after Team MRN's 0-3 showing at MLG Dallas something had to change. It was tweeted shortly after their loss on Sunday that Nientonsoh would replace Heartbeat in the adc position, and until today a cloud of mystery hung over the team's future status until Marn made an official statement via Reddit.

Team Owner Marn
What happens now: I've been competitive throughout my life, and I don't take losing lightly. I thrive to make the best team I can, no matter the circumstances. With that being said, the roster for Team MRN will look like this going forward:

*Top Lane: US Patrick 'Megazero' Glinsman

*Jungle: US Clark 'Clakeyd' Smith

*AP: US Tyler 'Ecco' Spesick. However, if he continues to be sick, we will be heading in a new direction finding a new AP player. For now, as long as he's treating his illness and getting better, he'll stay on the team.

*AD: US Zach 'Nientonsoh' Malhas

*Support: US Dylan 'Atomicn' Newton/US Sung Moo 'Heartbeat' Lim. They will be scrimming and practicing with the team each in a rotation, and whomever the team (Nien especially) thinks is better will continue on with the team as a starter. However, if they both cannot play support, then I will be forced to look for a new support.

With Team MRN still sitting at the highly sought 6th spot in the North American LCS, the final spot eligible to make the Spring Playoffs, it has become do or die for the favorited underdogs. Will these roster changes help them climb the ladder, or will chemistry shake up and continued health issues open the door for Good Game University or compLexity Gaming to take their place? Regardless of the results we would like to all wish ecco a speedy recovery and wish the best for him.

For further reading on the entire statement from Marn you can head over to the Reddit thread here.


The final half of the very first Riot LCS is upon us, and we here at SK are here to keep you informed of the day-to-day happenings of what goes on around the League of Legends competitive scene. Keep SK on your favorites for eSports news and insight, and keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for even more exciting news from the LoL Editorial Staff!



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