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Epsilon won European BO2 Championship

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Mar 21, 2013 12:04

ImageThis weekend Activision hosted the European Black Ops 2 Championship at the ESL Studio in Cologne.

This was probably one of the most important weekends in the history of every participant. 16 teams from all over the world had the chance to play for a prize pool of 10.000€ and a seed in the COD World Championship, where 32 from all over the world will participate. At the first day, the two teams from every country had to play against each other in a BO3, but only the winner went into the next round and had therewith a free trip to L.A. and the participation in the COD World Championship granted.

All 16 teams had a lot of pressure at the first day, because they had to win their match or the travel to Cologne was for nothing. The following teams could win their first matches and made it into the quarter-final:

FR Millenium.COD
SE eNimgma
UK Fariko.Dragons
HR Fariko.Allstars
ES Pain
IT Rapid.BreakYourLimits
EU Epsilon.IRL

In the quarter-final we saw some exciting matches. HR Fariko.Allstars was the favorite in the match against DE KILLERFISH eSport e.V., but Killerfish played very strong on Hardpoint Hjacked and won the map easy. The second mode was S&D, which started very bad for them and they went fast with 5:1 behind. Fariko only had to win one round, but Killerfish managed to turn this into a 6:5 win and therewith they qualified for the semi-final, where they had to fight the Irish guys from Epsilon, who won their quarter-final match easy with 2:0.

In the other quarter-finals the french power house FR Millenium.COD had some problems against the Swedish guys from SE eNimgma, because they lost their S&D map, after they won Hardpoint easy. But in the end, Millenium decided the final map for their own and went into the semi-final, where UK Fariko.Dragons was waiting for them. "The Dragons" were the clear favorite in their quarter-final match against IT Rapid.BreakYourLimits, but Rapid showed that they are on one level with the European top teams and managed to win one map against Fariko.Dragons. In the end Fariko showed that they are an experienced team and they won the match overall with 2:1.

Two pretty exciting matches were waiting in the semi-final. The first one was DE KILLERFISH eSport e.V. vs. EU Epsilon.IRL. All in all we only need one sentence to describe this match: The winner of the European BO2 Championship totally destroyed KILLERFISH, but of course all in all this was a pretty good result for the German guys.

The second semi-final was more exciting to watch. The crowd saw probably the closest matches in the history of COD. On Hardpoint both teams reached over 200 points (you need 250 to win) and until the last seconds UK Fariko.Dragons had more points than FR Millenium.COD, but they got the last Hardpoint for some seconds and won the game. CTF was also very close and with a last second capture FR Millenium.COD could decide the map. Overall UK Fariko.Dragons won because they could win the last 3 maps and went therewith into the final against EU Epsilon.IRL.

The final wasn't that much exciting, because EU Epsilon.IRL was simply too strong for "The Dragons" and they won the match with 3:1 overall. They gave only one map away, but all in all Epsilon deserved that win, because they played a fantastic tourney with impressive teamplay. The got a nice trophy, 5000€ cash and of course the trip to the Black Ops 2 World Championship !

Millenium during their intense semi-final match



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