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LCS EU: Week 4, Day 2 Recap

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Mar 3, 2013 10:18

ImageHere we are again with the League of Legends Championship Series in week 4, bringing you a whole lot of amazing games. Read on to find out about some quite surprising scores of the second day in LCS EU's super week.

Game 1: EU Fnatic versus DK Copenhagen Wolves

FNC: Lux, Nidalee, Syndra.
CW: Leona, Kayle, Vi.

FNC: Volibear, Sona, Miss Fortune, Shen, Katarina.
CW: Xin Zhao, Thresh, Renekton, Ezreal, Kassadin.

Starting off in the first game of the day we have Fnatic, the current leader of the European LCS, facing the currently last team, Copenhagen Wolves, who just won their first game yesterday.

The game began with fake invades, early warding and more or less the usual mind games we are so used to seeing this season. The real action started with a gank in the top lane, giving the first blood. However this wasn't all as the gank was turned around, killing xPeke then being turned around again with a massive use of summoner spells including teleports by both teams. In the end Fnatic was able to secure a lead out of this with 2 kills for 1.

This should only be the start of something, a lot of people might call: one of the best games in the history of League of Legends.

The game went on with slight leads for Fnatic until the first fight for the dragon started. In this fight Wolves were not only able to secure the dragon, but also secured two kills for Bjergsen on his Kassadin.

It turned out that Wolves would also secure the second dragon of the game before finally losing in a big team fight. Now it looked like Fnatic regained the control of the game, picking of people left and right, which Wolves obviously couldn't handle at that time.

At no time of the game any of the teams was able to secure a big lead. All out of a sudden Wolves went back into the driving seat when they managed to take a team fight acing Fnatic and keeping two of their own members alive.

Once more this would change when Peke was able to secure another double kill which lead to a free baron for Fnatic. So far the game went back and forth for its full duration, favouring no team for a long time. Now Fnatic looked strong all buffed up with the baron.

Still this should not mark the end of the game as the Wolves took the challenge to fight against the team with the baron, astoundingly taking a convincing win out of it with a quadra kill by Bjergsen, showing strong once again after his penta kill of the previous day.

Besides all the big action Fnatic were able to take an inhibitor down which meant a lot of pressure as a few minutes later the baron went back up. Wolves were now in a bad spot as they had to defend the base, while also trying to contest for baron, with their only teleport being on cooldown.

Somehow they managed to do it and fought for the baron when suddenly the famous backdoor-skills of Fnatic seemed to kick in as they used their teleports to rush into the enemy base trying to close up the game with a two man push. In a breathtaking play, Wolves were able to kill them saving just the last few hitpoints of the nexus with the help of a returning inhibitor.

Now was the time to counter the rush for the base and Wolves went in deep finishing off Fnatic and taking down the base just a few seconds before the members of Fnatic would respawn.

Winner: Copenhagen Wolves

Game 2: EU Evil Geniuses versus FR against All authority

EG: Xin Zhao, Nidalee, Renekton.
AAA: Kayle, Anivia, Lux.

EG: VI, Varus, Thresh, Rumble, Ryze.
AAA: Shen, Sona, Elise, Ezreal, Kha'Zix.

This game started way more passive compared to the explosive action of game one of the day. Still aAa was able to take slight advantages in the early game, snowballing slowly but surely by taking a lot of global objectives early on.

After picking up all the turrets of EG, except for the base ones, aAa seemed to struggle a little giving up quite some kills and nearly throwing the game. The game went on with a successful baron for aAa and a fight after that ended even with four kills on both sides.

Finally after another few careful pushes aAa was finally able to run over EG securing the win and upsetting the second game of the day.

Winner: Against All Authority

Game 3: RU Gambit Gaming versus EU Fnatic

GNB: Elise, Leona, Caitlyn.
FNC: Xin Zhao, Thresh, Volibear.

GNB: Shen, Nasus, Kassadin, Miss Fortune, Taric.
FNC: Rumble, Vi, Kayle, Corki, Sona.

The third game of the day started off slowly till about minute 5 when the action started in the mid lane with the first blood for Alex Ich and his Kassadin onto the Kayle of xPeke. In the next minutes however Fnatic went on a killing spree picking up four consecutive kills in various lanes.

After this the next big fight broke off in the bottom lane giving a lot of kills to both sides, but giving the advantage over to Gambit eventually.

The same thing started all over again after a dragon this time with a better ending for Fnatic who got themselves a small lead with that. The same happened with a team fight in the middle lane which looked to be pretty good for Fnatic who stood too long and finally lost Soaz to Gambit.

Finally a fight in the baron-area was initiated, this time ending clearly in favour of Gambit with a quadra kill on Kassadin who tore apart Fnatic. This lead to the last fight of the game, which gave another win for Gambit who ripped apart Fnatic's base afterwards winning the game.

Winner: Gambit Gaming

Game 4: ES Giants vs EU DragonBorns

Giants: Draven, Thresh, Xin Zhao
DB: Kennen, Ryze, Volibear

Giants: Shen, Vi, Diana, Vayne, Sona
DB: Jarvan IV, Wukong, Caitlyn, Taric, Kayle

This was the second encounter between these two teams, the Dragonborns coming out on top in the first showing. The Spainards were looking for revenge, picking a very aggressive team comp and looking to dominate the late game with a hypercarry in the likes of Vayne.

The opening minutes of the game were highlighted by HosaN's Caitlyn completely zoning the short ranged Vayne and forcing her out of lane. The Spanish team realized they had to react, so they traded lanes once again, sending Samuxx's Shen back to deal with Dragonborn's duo.

At this point the game was getting towards it's middle stages where DB would start to play with carelessness exemplified by unnecessary dives, oft turning out against them, giving the Giants some room to breathe and shrink the Dragonborns' lead. It was around the 20 minute mark that a poorly engaged teamfight near the Dragon pit by the Spainards led to them losing 3 members, without claiming the dragon or a kill in their favor.

The games deciding moment started off with Shushei getting caught and killed near the bottom lane. While this was all happening the rest of the DragonBorns were trying to destroy the middle inhibitor turret, but the Giants quickly regrouped and managed to chase them away, getting 1 kill in the process. Having the advantage in numbers, they decided to rush Baron, but Malunoo's Jarvan had another thought in his mind. He managed to go in, steal away the buff and get out without getting killed and, soon enough, 3 Giants were no match for 5 bloodthirsty DragonBorns as they rushed towards the bottom inhibitor and the Nexus.

Winner: DragonBorns

Game 5: EU SK Gaming vs DK Copenhagen Wolves

SK: Varus, Elise, Lux
CW: Vi, Kassadin, Kayle

SK: Irelia, Xin Zhao, Diana, Graves, Sona
CW: Renekton, Shen, Nidalee, Ezreal, Thresh

This game was the third encounter between the two teams. On both previous occasions SK managed to come out on top. This time however, the Wolves were out for blood, having the momentum after beating aAa and Fnatic and were looking for their revenge and third win.

The game started off with a late invade by SK on the enemy's blue buff. They were spotted however, as the Wolves had a ward placed in the area and were forced to react. Bjorgsen proved to be a surgeon with the spears, managing to steal away the buff. The rest of the wolves quickly regrouped and headed towards SK's Golem. Kev1n was there to meet them with his Irelia, slowing them down enough to let his team arrive and turn things around by securing first blood in their favor.

After the very dynamic beginning both teams slowed the pace down and focused on farming instead. Being 2:0 behind in kills, the wolves had to make a move and with all 5 members grouping mid before managing to equalize the score and secure a Dragon in the process.

The remainder of the game was all about SK - they were constantly catching their opponents in the jungle and slowly but surely building comfortable advantage. The focal point of the Wolves' line up was the poke, but after having their resources constantly ravaged by SK the teamcomp didn't end up looking effective. Oce's team was so far ahead in fact that they managed to secure a 2-man Baron without any problem. Shortly after, SK grouped near the top and with pure brute force they steamrolled trough the Wolves, winning the game, and making it a hat trick so far.

Winner: SK Gaming

Game 6: RU Gambit Gaming vs FR against All authority

GMB: Elise, Nidalee, Vi
aAa: Kayle, Thresh, Xin Zhao

GMB: Shen, Nasus, Kha'Zix, Lulu, Ashe
aAa: Sona, Volibear, Twisted Fate, Renekton, Varus

Delivering an upset to EG, Against All Authority were looking forward to bringing down another huge opponent, but the Russians surely are a hard pill to swallow for any team they face.

The final game started off with aAa denying the blue buff from Diamond's Nasus. First ShlaYa teleported to the outter turret, rushed to the enemy blue buff and placed a ward, then VIRTU4L used teleport as well, and as soon as he saw the area was clear he stole away the Golem.

This move upset the Russians and they quickly decided to bite back - with a perfectly executed 3-man dive which split the turret damage between them to secure 3 kills. From that point on it was aAa struggling for the remainder of the game to get back on their feet, and although Gambit played the game a bit loose and gave away some kills it was as soon as they grouped together that the game was truly coming to its end. The French team decided to surrender at 29 minutes after losing another teamfight in their own base.

Funfact: ED Ward's Lulu was the Champion with the most gold in the game and had yet another impressive score for his support role - 5/0/7 !

Winner: Gambit Gaming

If you missed any of the action and you want to re-watch again, click HERE to see a complete footage of Day 2.



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