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Road to Fame: SK Streaming Project #1 EU

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Mar 1, 2013 23:34

ImageToday we release the first article of our Road to Fame series. We will present you some of the anonymus streamers of the league every month and you decide wether you give their streams a try. So go ahead and read about the first featured stream in our interview.

SK Gaming: Hello, would you please introduce yourself to the community?

The Streamer: Hello everyone! My name is Robin "BEV TheNonsense" Renggli and I'm a 19 year old league addict and lover of eSports. I'm living in Switzerland together with my 3 younger brothers, who all enjoy LoL too. Ingame I play jungler for the best Swiss League team, called Binary Evasion. Besides playing in tournaments I also greatly enjoy streaming with my brother Silvan "BEV Spinzaku" Renggli.

SK Gaming: When did you start streaming?

The Streamer: I started streaming about half a year ago, because I wanted to help promote my favourite hobby, as well as getting in touch with people with similar interests to mine. Since then I tried out several different styles of streaming, including drawing pictures for viewers live on stream, holding a drunken stream and now the double webcam stream with my brother.

SK Gaming: When do you usually stream?

The Streamer: Since I started the double webcam stream I stick to a fixed schedule of streaming both on Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 23:00 CEST. Until now I also randomly streamed from Friday to Sunday, but I'm considering a fix schedule for Saturday as well.

SK Gaming: Is there an aim for your stream?

The Streamer: Yes! Ever since I've started streaming I had several goals. One of course is sharing my passion, my love for gaming and eSports. Another is giving something back to the community. As a new player I learned a lot from watching streams and hope I can provide the same help I got to newer players as well. But the most important goal I want to achieve with streaming is making people realize why we all play this game: To have fun and enjoy! I try to always stay positive and evoke that in others as well.

SK Gaming: So you said before that you are playing for Binary Evasion, is there any achievement you want to mention?

The Streamer: Above I mentioned being on the best Swiss team, which I can safely assume since we stay undefeated in national tournaments, both on and offline. In terms of international success, we managed to qualify for the ESL Major Series twice, and faced such teams as Alternate, Curse EU and others in the groupstage, where we got utterly defeated. We still have miles and miles to go as a team, but you can only improve by playing against people stronger than you!

SK Gaming: Do you have any plans for your future in eSports, besides improving as a team?

The Streamer: I plan on being an active member, especially in the Swiss eSports scene for years to come. My goal is to share my passion with as many people as possible, which is why I try to help out wherever I can. In the future I hope to be able to organize events such as lans and maybe become a founder of a League club once I go to an university.

SK Gaming: Thanks for the interview and good luck in your future. Is there anything left you want to say to the community?

The Streamer: I want to give a huge shout out to all the people that have supported me so far! Gaming is such a beautiful thing because you get to know so many different people you'd otherwise never get in touch with. I hope we can all keep in mind why we enjoyed League in the first place and forget about all the rage, flames and negative feelings. Don't worry, be happy and continue to do what you love!

If you are looking for a new stream or if you just want to give them a chance you might want to drop by at either TheNonsense's or Spinzaku's stream. Please feel free to give us some feedback. Also if you want to apply to become our next featured stream, you should look at this article.



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