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LCS EU: Week 3, Day 1 Recap

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Feb 24, 2013 00:54

ImageThe third week of the League of Legends Championship Series continued with four European matches in this fine Saturday evening. If you didn’t have the chance to watch the games live, you can find out what happened right here!

Game 1: DK Copenhagen Wolves vs EU Fnatic

Wolves: Kassadin, Kayle, Thresh
Fnatic: Lux, Nidalee, Vi

Wolves: Xin Zhao, Singed, Sona, Caitlyn, Elise
Fnatic: Shen, Volibear, Leona, Miss Fortune, Katarina

One of the highlights of the night was Wolves’ AP carry Bjergsen's first games in the LCS since he just turned 17 and rejoined the team. Everyone was wondering if he can help the team get their first win in the league, but maybe the pressure on him was just a bit too much.

The game started with the popular lane swap which was done by Fnatic this time. In order to capitalize on their number advantage Cyanide went for a gank behind Wolves’ top turret and even though Svenskeren was there on time to try to stop him, he didn’t succeed in that and Fnatic got their first 2 kills there. Wolves responded with a fast turret kill in bot lane, but Fnatic continued their aggression with a 5-man gank again in the top lane. They picked up 2 more kills (double kill for xPeke), the first turret and started pushing for the second one. TheTess and Deficio tried to stop them which resulted in yet another kill for Fnatic and Wolves’ inner turret fell too.

Fnatic kept scoring kills all over the place as well as taking down more and more turrets. Wolves finally managed to put their name on the score board with a shut-down kill on Cyanide, but that was far than enough to help them get back in the game. The European powerhouse started pushing the mid lane next, got the 2 turrets and traded one kill with Wolves. Soon after Fnatic caught Wolves near their blue buff and got 4 kills without losing anyone plus the top inhibitor. Next they went for the baron buff just to solidify their lead before pushing onto Wolves’ base for the last time. Fnatic initiated, traded 2 for 4 kills and quickly finished the game, leaving Wolves to keep looking for their first win in the league.

Game 2: RU Gambit Gaming vs ES Giants

Gambit: Elise, Kennen, Dr. Mundo
Giants: Kog’Maw, Xin Zhao, Shen

Gambit: Thresh, Nasus, Ezreal, Kayle, Renekton
Giants: Sona, Volibear, Akali, Caitlyn, Twisted Fate

In tonight’s grudge match it was time to see if Giants could take a second win off of Gambit Gaming or the Russians would be able to equalize the score to 1-1.

First blood occurred in the regular 2vs2 bot lane and it wasn’t much of a surprise that EdWard, running the first Thresh in LCS EU, was the one who picked it up on Babeta. Soon after Diamond ganked the lane and Gambit got another kill on the Spanish support. Giants responded with a gank in mid lane in which both Alex Ich and Exter died. The gank was repeated in the matter of minutes, this time more successfully and only Alex Ich was the victim. Morden then ganked top and Giants got a kill on Darien. Gambit responded with taking the first dragon of the game.

After 6 minutes and a 1 for 1 exchange in the mid lane Giants picked up the second dragon. What followed was a chaotic fight in mid lane and Giants’ jungle which ended up in 4 clean kills for the Spanish team. The next team fight was another 1 for 1 but Gambit were all pretty low and had to back, which allowed Giants to pick up the baron. Despite that Gambit managed to pick up a couple of turrets and when the buff expired Giants’ engage on Gambit in their own jungle backfired horribly and they gave away 4 kills for nothing. This allowed Gambit to pick up the mid inhibitor and the first nexus turret. The Russian team got the second baron of the game as well as a kill on Jimbownz thanks to a great hook by EdWard. Gambit then went for a final push and finished the game, taking their revenge on Giants.

Game 3: FR against All authority vs DK Copenhagen Wolves

aAa: Lux, Kayle, Vi
Wolves: Nidalee , Elise, Shen

aAa: Xin Zhao, Renekton, Ezreal, Orianna, Sona
Wolves: Volibear, Thresh, Singed, Varus,

Both aAa and Wolves went into the game looking for their first win in the LCS, but only one could take it. Who came out on top?

The aggression started early as Wolves caught fredy122 in aAa’s blue buff brush and took first blood. They picked up the first top turret pretty fast too, but aAa pulled of a gank in bot lane and got a kill on TheTess. Soon after a fight broke out in the top lane and Wolves took 2 kills for 1. Bjergsen then got ganked in mid lane and died. aAa got the first dragon of the game and then initiated onto Wolves in mid lane, picking up 3 clean kills. The next team fight was in the river and aAa got 2 more kills.

aAa solidified their lead with a baron pick up and a kill on NeeGodBro, as well as a couple of turrets. Bjergsen caught Karalius in Wolves’ jungle and got a kill for himself though. When the baron respawned the team fight near the pit ended in aAa’s favour as they got 2 kills and the baron itself again. The game continued like that for some more time – the team fights were close but aAa almost always ended up ahead in kills and after yet another baron picked up by them, they pushed all the inhibitors and finished the game, thus finding their first win in the league.

Game 4: EU Evil Geniuses vs EU Fnatic

EG: Vi, Kassadin, Caitlyn
Fnatic: Lux, Xin Zhao, Thresh

EG: Sona, Ezreal, Renekton, Volibear, Anivia
Fnatic: Blitzcrank, Kayle, Leona, Miss Fortune, Katarina

The most anticipated game of the evening was no doubt the match between Evil Geniuses and Fnatic. EG showed they are on top of their game last week but so did Fnatic in their first game of the day versus Wolves. The game was promising to be very exciting and didn’t disappoint in any way as Fnatic let Froggen pick Anivia while sOAZ was running Blitzcrank in the top lane.

EG started the game with the lane swap as Krepo and Yellowpete went into the top lane, denying us from the opportunity to see the battle of the Yellow AD carries in lane. First blood fell in mid lane where Froggen managed to take xPeke’s life 1v1. At that moment Fnatic probably regretted letting the Dane use his favourite ice bird but they didn’t have time to dwell on that decision as EG picked up the first dragon of the game as well. Soon after that Yellowstar managed to get a kill on Wickd, while EG took Fnatic’s first bottom turret. Fnatic then went as 4 to EG’s top turret, got 2 kills there and the turret. EG tried to take the second dragon but Fnatic initiated on them and got a 1 for 1 in kills plus the mid turret. Fnatic then headed back for the dragon while EG picked their first mid turret.

Soon after Fnatic were pushing in the mid lane and they managed to catch Froggen. The kill on him allowed them to get the second turret as well as 2 more kills. A fight then broke out in EG’s jungle, Fnatic took 2 more kills and the mid inhibitor. Then they went pushing for the bot inhibitor. A quick engage onto EG gave Fnatic 2 kills and the opportunity to go straight for the nexus turrets. After picking up 2 more kills, they finished the game before EG could stall it and make some miraculous turnaround as we’ve seen before in the past.



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