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LCS EU: Week 2, Day 2 Recap

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Feb 18, 2013 00:33

ImageIn Day 4 of the European LCS not only SK face Dragonborns, but we also have EG facing Giants. Afterwards we will see the Copenhagen Wolves trying to achieve their first victory in the LCS against Gambit Gaming and Giants.

Game 1: Evil Genius vs. Giants

EG: Wukong, Kennen, Kassadin
Giants: Anivia, Lux, Shen

EG: Kayle, Sona, Renekton, Varus, Twisted Fate
Giants: Zyra,Dr. Mundo, Elise, Kog'Maw, Ryze

The first game of the day opened with a really early fight giving no kills to any of the teams though. This was followed up by a delayed invade on the side of EG who took quite a lot of Mordens jungle away in the process. In the next minutes a race of the bottom and top lane trying to secure the first turret was the main topic of the game.

In the early game there were no kills until a fight around the dragon pit started giving the advantage to EG with the pickup of the drake and 2 kills as a bonus. Some might say this was already GG, due to the fact that afterwards EG won every team fight. The whole game they didn't even lose a single member of the team to Giants. This resulted in the victory for EG, who are now 5-1 and therefore the current number 1 in the LCS EU.

Game 2: SK vs. Dragonborns

SK: Kayle, Xin Zhao, Kha'Zix
DB: Anivia, Vi, Renekton

SK: Shen, Caitlyn, Zyra, Hecarim, Orianna
DB: Taric, Jarvan, Lux, Draven, Darius

The only game of SK today started of with a big setback as DB not only took the blue buff away from SK Gaming but also got the first blood. Even worse might be the fact that this kill went to HosaN's Draven. After this bad start SK seemed to be struggling for the rest of the game, giving up kills all over the place, while only securing a few for themselves.

This was followed up by a few lost team fights and finally the victory for DB in quite convincing manner. SK's score is now 3-3 while DB evened up the loss of their first game going 1-1.

Game 3: Gambit Gaming vs. Copenhagen Wolves

GG: Elise, Nidalee, Caitlyn
Wolves: Ryze, Xin Zhao, Kha'Zix

GG: Sona, Volibear, Kog'Maw, Kassadin, Vladimir
Wolves: Shen, Vi, Zyra, Graves, Diana

After decent performances the Copenhagen Wolves still weren't able to secure a win yet. Now they have the next chance going up against Gambit Gaming. This game was starting slowly, but surprisingly. While CowTard had to switch into the AD-carry role and Alternate's ForellenLord was filling up for TheTess, Wolves were still able to not only secure the first blood but the whole early game in their favour.

For some time things looked grim for GG while Wolves were shining, securing a lead in the kills and literally dominating all over the map. All out of a sudden things were turned around after Wolves were sticking to GG's base for too long getting both of their carries killed. This introduced the comeback for GG. Now GG was on fire, getting the baron and a few kills, which in the end lead to a unstoppable team of GG winning the game. Gambit is now 3-2 in the LCS.

Game 4: Giants vs. Copenhagen Wolves

Giants: Vi, Diana, Xin Zhao
Wolves: Kennen, Wukong, Ryze

Giants: Elise, Sona, Twisted Fate, Ashe, Volibear
Wolves: Kha'Zix, Kayle, Lulu, Caitlyn, Orianna

The last chance of the day for the Wolves to eventually win a game started of badly with a dive top lane getting the first blood. However the laning phase looked about even in kills in the end. Still Giants were winning all the team fights, contesting the baron buff as well without any real problems.

Following the succesful baron attempt, Giants forced 2 team fights, won both of them and the game too. This means that the Wolves are last in the LCS with a score of 0-5, while Giants still keep up well with their 2-2.



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