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LCS EU: Week 2, Day 1 Recap

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Feb 17, 2013 03:07

ImageDay 3 of the EU LCS will be the rematch of EG and SK. In addition, this brings in the season opener for aAa and Dragonborns.

Game 1: Evil Genuises vs. Dragonborns

EG: Vi, Xin Zhao, Kha´zix
DB: Anivia, Twisted Fate, Lux

EG: Renekton, Chogath, Kayle, Varus, Sona
DB: Akali, Shen, Jayce, Draven, Leona

HosaN picked his Draven and together with Leona, they applied incredible pressure on the botlane and outfarmed Yellowpete. In minute 16, it happened, Leona engaged on Varus, but Sona landed a nice Crescendo and allowed Yellowpete to take up first blood. A little bit later, Shen used his ultimate and a teleport by Jayce turned the fight to a 2 versus 1 in favour of Dragonborns. EG exerts great pressure on all lanes and Dragonborns could not really answer to it.

After EG secured the first Baron Nashor of the game, DragonBorns decided to engage but lost the fight with 1-4 in favor of EG. With the baronbuff, the players of Evil Genuises were able to apply even more pressure, and after a battle in which Yellowpete could pick up a tripple kill, EG simply rushed to the Nexus, and brought the victory home. So EG is 3-1 in the league, and Dragon Borns lose their first game.

Game 2: SK Gaming vs. Copenhagen Wolves

SK: Zyra, Shen, Xin Zhao
CW: Vi, Twitch, Olaf

SK: Renekton, Sona, Jarvan IV, Miss Fortune, Kassadin
CW: Kayle, Elise, Caitlyn, Lulu, Chogath

With a very good team composition Jarvan, Renekton and Miss Fortune, SK started very aggressively. A really good gank attempt by Jarvan, by jumping over the dragon pit with his E and Q combo, led to the waste of Kayle´s flash, which made her more vulnerable for future ganks. And so it proved, 3 minutes later Ocelote was able to secure the first blood on Kayle.

After several interruptions due to problems on a computer from CW, SK was the oppressive power. They were pushing the lanes, and chased the players from CW. SK secured Baron and had the upper hand in the game, which they exploited and were pushing all lanes to the inhibitor. The second Baron Nashor went to SK which they used directly to lure CW into a trap and were able to ace them and pushing up to the Nexus. Besides Evil Genuises, SK is the second team which is 3-1 in the league. Copenhagen Wolves are 0-3.

Game 3: Gambit Gaming vs. against All authority

GG: Elise, Twisted Fate, Nidalee
aAa: Ryze, Xin Zhao, Kayle

GG: Kha´zix, Vi, Lulu, Caitlyn, Karthus
aAa: Sona, Kennen, Shen, Graves, Lux

aAa started with a laneswap and sent Kennen to the botlane. However, the strategy of aAa was a very aggressive earlygame playstyle, so they could get two turrets in the first 7 minutes. aAa´s pressure continued to build on that earned advantage but unfortunatly they could do nothing with it. This allowed the experienced players of Gaming Gambit to find the mistakes of aAa and use them against them. In a dragon fight Kha'zix secured first blood and Karthus got the second kill by using his ultimate.

The game went on and Alex_Ich farmed on each lane as it was now the time for GG to make the plays. Genja suddenly got a nosebleed and this caused the game to be paused. After the break, Gambit Gaming was just as strong as before and picked up turret after turret and every dragon. aAa did not cause enough damage to GG and so Gambit worked just in front of the Nexus, and the game could be won. GG stands at 2-2 in the league.

Game 4: SK Gaming vs Evil Genuises

SK: Kayle, Anivia, Shen
EG: Vi, Kassadin, Olaf

SK: Xin Zhao, Twitch, Taric, Irelia, Nidalee
EG: Renekton, Varus, Sona, Maokai, Lux

The game of the evening we all have been waiting for. The rematch of EG and SK promised so much and from the beginning it was what the audience expected. In minute 4, kev1n turned a gank of Maokai almost to a kill for him according to the motto: You do not gank kev1n , kev1n ganks you. After a nice gank of Xin in the botlane Taric could have secured first blood for SK. As in their first game, EG built up much pressure which brought them turret after turret and built the lead from gold to nearly ten thousand.

Once EG took the middle inhibitor there was a promising team fight after EG was able to take Baron Nashor. Candy Panda cleaned the field and could make some kills. After a failed engange on Taric, EG aced SK and could decide the game for themselves. EG is now number 1 in the league with 4-1 and SK with 3-2 is at number 2.



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