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schneider leaves AL - joining Epsilon?

By Mikael 'unef0is' Miettinen
Feb 7, 2013 19:18

ImageAbsolute Legends have confirmed that Andreas "schneider" Lindberg leaves their Counter-Strike Global Offensive team. But it's not sure what Andreas do next, Epsilon have added him to ESEA roster on same date when he left AL.

Yesterday Absolute Legends published a news about Andreas "schneider" Lindberg leaving the team after playing for 2 months together. Lindberg joined Absolute Legends just one week before NorthCon 2012, because Faruk "pita" Pita decided to step down from gaming.

Actually, before Absolute Legends published news about Lindberg's departure, he had joined Epsilon's ESEA roster. If Lindberg returns to Epsilon, it does mean that he is playing again with his old teammates.

SE Andreas "schneider" Lindberg:
"Yeah they are great guys wish them the best of luck we just weren't on the same page on how we wanted to play so we decided that this was best, thats basically what i can say."

SE Alexander "rdl" Redl:
"It's always sad to see someone from the team go, but our lack of results lately made it clear we needed a change. We didn't agree on what was needed so schneider and us choose to part ways. We wish him all the best in his new teams. As for us we will be announcing a fifth in the next couple of days."

Following schneider's departure, Absolute Legends have the following roster:
SE Jim "zneel" Andersson
SE Markus "pronax" Wallsten
SE Jonathan "lidde" Lidgren
SE Alexander "rdl" Redl

Make sure to stay tuned at SK Gaming. As Redl told, they will announce a fifth player in a couple days and we will inform that right away when it's announced!



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