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KerchNET lose two players

By Aleksandar 'SENTii' Rakić
Feb 5, 2013 20:58

ImageThe Ukranian KerchNET announced that they lost two players from their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

This team lose really good and most successful players on Counter-Strike 1.6 scene, Taras "craft1k" Voitenko and Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk. Voitenko announced his retirement from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, but, Nechyporchuk said it will take a little break from gaming, and he will be back on stage in the near future.

UA KerchNET visited ASUS Open 2012 Final Battle of the Year in December, finishing in first place and won 6.000$ after great final match versus FI paistit from Finland. But, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament SLTV StarSeries IV they did not show good results and failed to win a some prize.

The Ukranian team UA KerchNET now added iPLAY trio Igor "ROggY" Usatiy, Yuuriy "MeDveDeV" Medvedev and Alexander "MisT" Varotyntsev to their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up.

Team manager Alexander "Alert" Shtachenko had the following statement:

""I would like to thank you guys for the time you spent with KerchNET," team manager Alexander "Alert" Shtachenko said.

"You were part of the team for a long time, and you have always shown the best results. The fans will always remember you for your contribution to the project. Good luck!""

KerchNET are now:
UA Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy
UA Ruslan "krutoi" Kolodinskyi
UA Roman "z1" Poltavchenko
UA Igor "ROggY" Usatiy
UA Yuuriy "MeDveDeV" Medvedev
UA Alexander "MisT" Vorotyntsev




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