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CPLAY Disband

By Andrei 'swaMp' Pintica
Feb 5, 2013 13:07

ImageCPLAY’s Danish team have chosen to disband following a run of poor form in’s CS:GO league. The team had originally pulled out some excellent results, including a fourth place finish at NorthCon in2012.

In times like these it is a challenge to look on the bright side of things, but the team did an amazing job while it lasted, beginning with the first place in division two of the GAMING.DK League. Soon afterwards the players were able to rank first in both the DK EMS Qualification and The Nordic Cooperation Cups. The most recent event, though, and probably the one most instantly recall, is the surprising fourth place in the first instance of the NorthCon eSports Arena.

The GAMING.DK League is a league with pro players and that have proved this in the Counter-Strike 1.6 scene and the competitive game play is needed. The DK CPLAY team had a huge increase in the gaming level and they have obtained some good results but wasn't enough to continue in the first formula so they choose to bring DK Danni “smF” Dyg, who had previous top level experience with Copenhagen Wolves and other teams at pro gaming level.

The CPLAY Achievements:
DK 1st Place Gaming.DK League Division 2
DK 1st Place DK EMS Qualifikation
EU 1st Place The Nordic Cooperation Cup
DE 4th Place NorthCon eSports Arena 2012

We have the official statement of Paul Dahlhoff, Head Management at CPLAY:

"After four months of a successful appointment, we now have to announce the disbandment from our Danish CS:GO lineup. After the change of 'Xyp9x' to fnatic the team found a good replacement in 'smF' but was not able to close the gap in teamplay and internal differences. Of course we are not happy about the move and to lose a promising team at CPLAY.

Anyway we want to thank the team and all players for the good time and their hard work as a part of the CPLAY family. Especially the team captain Allan "Rejin" Petersen put a lot of effort in the team and always supported the team and showed a great potential.

We at CPLAY will try to be continously placed on the international parquet in CS:GO and other games. We are undoubtfully convinced by the game and the international scene. Especially for CS:GO we will take some time to find a suitable replacement, but very soon we are already able to present some new talents at CPLAY in the RTS sector. So stay tuned, we keep on going!"

We have a interview from with Allan Petersen:

"Hi Allan! The rumors go on CPLAY closes. Can you confirm that ?

Yeah, unfortunately, it has been a really good time with the boys !

Why closes in ?

But it's probably mostly my fault, I have not felt we have accomplished enough. Also, there have been some internal strife on the team. We are still good friends, I hope.

Your fault - can you explain ?
I get mad if people do not do as I say, or not online at the time. Lack of commitment from certain people, has demotivated me and made ​​me an old man.

What will happen to Rejin now ?

I need a fresh start, I am very motivated and ready to fire a lot of cs. Also, I think even that I belong at the top. So I'll be back .. However, I would really like to get away from calling also get into a support / Fragger role. So we'll see what time brings :)

Do you have any players in your mind, or are you just a couple of days in the open ?

I'm free as it is now. I'm not busy with anything. I just need to play a lot of cs and enjoy myself. Also we will see what happens :)
ere at the last moment, do you have anything to say to the readers out there? But nothing but thanks to the boys for a great time. They are some Kanone people and there is everything to love them. Seems it is important to separate cs also friendship. I hope there are not too many negative tones from them! Also a big thank you to Cplay for their support. I've had a really great time with them and it was awesome, to northcon."

CPLAY's lineup was:
DK Danni "smF" Dyg
DK Allan "Rejin" Petersen
DK Kasper "kasperZtw" Ronicke
DK Ian "ANKK" Møller
DK Kevin "KS" Svenningsen



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