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Frost and Blaze released from Azubu

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Feb 3, 2013 15:46

ImageNews broke out that two of the most renowned teams in the scene will no longer be affiliated with their sponsor and will be searching for a new one.

The contracts will expire on 4.02.2013 which will officially mean that two of Korea's top tier teams will be on the market as both parties chose not to resign. Rumors circulating around are that both teams were dissatisfied with the streaming product of their sponsor - AzubuTV. It is known that Koreans mostly use another streaming service - AfreecaTV and this might have affected the decision.

Whether a KeSPA or an eSF team will pick up the two divisions is still unclear. Word has it, that Samsung are searching for a League of Legends representatives, but this is unconfirmed. Without a doubt, teams of such caliber will definitely not go unnoticed and we will inform you once information is out!




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