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The Champions Winter - Naijin Sword champions

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Feb 3, 2013 14:37

ImageThe biggest tournament in Korea came to a spectacular end. Season 2 finalists, Azubu Frost, took on Najin Sword who were yet to prove that they can go head to head with the absolute elite.

This was KR Azubu Frost's second grand final in a major tournament for the last two weeks as they lost, rather unexpectedly to RU Gambit Gaming at PL IEM Katowice. On the other hand, KR NaJin Black Sword had a rocky group stage finishing in third place. The playoffs were a whole different story for Sword as the team absolutely devastated their opponents - KR MVP Ozone and KR KT Rolster Bullets with the impressive scoreline of 9-1 in total.

Right from the start, Sword displayed teamwork that was out of this world as they hit every single gank and push timing correctly. As usual, KR Kim 'SSONG' Sung-soo and KR Yoon 'MaKNooN' Ha-woon were the dynamos of the team as all the impressive plays included at least one of them. Frost had no answer to the seemingly impeccable play of their opponents as even Woong's Ezreal was crushed in all three games by PraY's Twitch.

This is the first time in the history of The Champions where a team has been defeated with a 3-0 score in the grand final. Despite this, KR NaJin Black Sword gave the crowd three spectacular games worth watching. The spotlight falls on Game two which was by far the most impressive and just as a hint you may take a look at KR Kim 'SSONG' Sung-soo's unbelievable Zhonya plays from the series here. It is also worth mentioning that with their brilliant playoff display, Sword has three out of five members in the MVP list, including the winner - KR Yoon 'MaKNooN' Ha-woon.

Final standings of KR Olympus The Champions Winter 2012-2013:
1. KR NaJin Black Sword - 73,500$ and 400 Circuit points
2. KR Azubu Frost - 36,700$ and 200 Circuit points
3. KR KT Rolster Bullets - 22,000$ and 150 Circuit points
4. KR Azubu Blaze - 16,500$ and 100 Circuit points



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