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Living the Dream: Copenhagen Wolves

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Feb 6, 2013 23:57

ImageWith the Copenhagen Wolves we're covering one of the more surprising teams to grab a spot in the LCS. This being said, some people might ask themselves who they are and that's what we want to show you in this part of the "Living the dream" Series.

The History:

Copenhagen Wolves were founded in August 2012, which makes them one of the rather young teams in the European scene. Ever since then the team has been laying low, not being around the most well-known teams in Europe but still performing quite well wherever they played in tournaments.

By securing their spot in the LCS they told the whole League of Legends scene it's best to not underestimate them.


How the dream came true: LCS Qualifiers Europe

There is one thing for certain: the Wolves were not one of the teams that was expected to do that well and still they made it through the tournament, finally beating Millenium for their ticket into the Championship Series.

Top 3 achievements in Season 2/Presaison 3

SE Dreamhack Winter 2012 - 3rd/4th
DE NorthCon eSport Arena 2012 - 1st
SE THOR Open 2012 - 2nd

The current lineup:

DK Dan 'GodBro' Van Vo - The top laner.
"A true toplaner, more or less lives on his own “island” both ingame and IRL." - Deficio

Wolves' toplaner, Godbro, was acquired from team WinFakt. He was already playing together with TheTess there before joining up with the newly founded team of Copenhagen Wolves. Now he has to prepare to play against some of the biggest names in the scene after his team's qualification for the LCS.

DK Dennis 'Svenskeren' Johnsen - The jungler.
"The team clown, yet a complete boss when we actually play serious." - Deficio

Svenskeren, a jungler that is used to playing at the highest level, was playing together with our very own SK.LoL squad before finally joining the Wolves. Before that he played in various teams, including Team Mistral and 3DMAX. This tells the story of another experienced competitive player in the lineup of the Copenhagen Wolves.

DK Søren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg - The AP carry.
"Panky fanboy #1, and among the most skilled 1v1 players in Europe." - Deficio

Bjergsen, not being able to participate during the LCS qualifiers, will join the team once again as soon as he turns 17. Upon the question how this would affect the team we got the following answer:

“Bjergsen will always put pressure on every lane. His main strength is his laning phase where he often dominates the other mid. By winning his own lane he applies pressure everywhere on the map. Switching from cowTard to Bjergsen will require some effort, we changed our overall playstyle with cowTard, and everyone will have to adapt to having Bjergsen back in. Once we are all back on the same page, watch out!”

DK Kasper 'TheTess' Poulsen - The AD carry.
"Underrated player, will be a top AD in EU if he stays calm and cool ingame." - Deficio

Originally an AP carry, in the end TheTess finally found his fate in the bottom lane. He has played in the squads of Absolute Legends and WinFakt before. This history of teams might tell you already that there is something about this player, since he has been picked up by some well known organisations in the past. He certainly showed a lot of promise as an AD carry in the qualifiers so we'll see how far he can go with the Wolves in the LCS.

DK Martin 'Deficio' Lynge - The support.

Deficio is the LoL manager of the Wolves, but he jumped into playing in order to fill in the gap which was left in the team by XL Winner in the middle of January, taking the spot as the support of the team. Even though he just joined them as a player recently, his performances were convincing and helped to secure the ticket into the LCS.

SE Viktor 'cowTard' Stymne - The substitute/AP carry.
"Forever sick, yet a fantastic person to be around!" - Deficio

CowTard, who was picked up to replace Bjergsen for the LCS, is the only player in the lineup who is not from Denmark, but from Sweden. Still his synergy with the other members of the team seemed to be perfect when he played at the LCS qualifiers.

The Wolves on the hunt

What can we expect from the Wolves in the League of Legends Championship Series after we got to know these things?

Deficio for sure knows what he wants to achieve:

"Main goal of the year is to qualify for the World Championships. A more personal goal would be to survive living in a Gaming House with these crazy people!”

After this statement we should be curious how they will perform. Watching them and their performance in Warsaw and former tournaments promises interesting games and makes sure that there is more to come. We surely wish them the best of luck.

Pictures courtesy of and Copenhagen Wolves



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