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compLexity Gaming signs The Brunch Club

By Dan 'Danheim' Greeno
Feb 3, 2013 00:13

ImageIt's been over a year since we've seen compLexity Gaming with an NA team for League of Legends, but that has all changed.

In a recent announcement via their website US compLexity Gaming has announced that they have signed the entirety of The Brunch Club to their organization. Ever since their ascension to Season 3 The Brunch Club has started to make a splash around the League of Legends scene, so it's come as no surprise that they've come to receive this level of attention from sponsors and the like.

compLexity Gaming (Formerly The Brunch Club) is comprised of:

Top: US Nick "Nickwu" Smith
Mid: US Samuel "Chuuper" Chu
Jungle: US Tyler 'LauteMortis' Nicholls
AD: US Josh "Brunch Ü" Abrantes
Support: US Abe "MeyeA" Nguyen

It's been over a year since we've seen compLexity Gaming with a full fledged League of Legends roster, but anyone who knows The Brunch Club knows to expect great things from them in Season 3. Congratulations to the team, and best of luck in Season 3!

compLexity Gaming's first match is going to be Thursday, February 24th at 3PM PST (12AM CET) against Team MRN.

Stick with SK Gaming as we bring you an in-depth look at compLexity Gaming and all of the NA and EU LCS teams over the coming weeks.




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