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A phoenix rises from his ashes, Quantic Gaming is reborn

By Julian 'Twinkie449' Leischner
Feb 2, 2013 14:26

ImageOn December 4th 2012 Quantig Gaming suddenly disbanded, leaving many players teamless and surprising players as much as the community. Now Quantic Gaming is reborn as a merger between It's Gosu, 4Not and Quantic.

In the last two months a lot has happened in the Starcraft 2 scene. Players were transferred, leagues changed and teams disbanded, including Quantic Gaming. The sudden disbandment came unexpected for everyone, even their own players. This morning Quantic Gaming was not only reformed but the team is even bigger than before with new faces on their roster.

New Quantic Gaming is a merger between people from the old organisation, It's Gosu and 4Not. The Starcraft 2 divisions of It's Gosu and 4Not have been united in an A-team and a player academy and new players have been added as well. TSL's KR Seok Hyun 'HyuN' Ko and KR Choi 'Center' Jae Sung have been acquired by Quantic Gaming, expanding their team with GSL class Koreans.
Apart from the Starcraft 2 division 4Not's Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty teams are now also under the Quantic banner.

Management has promised not to repeat the mistakes that led to Quantic Gaming's downfall and are confident they will make a name for themselves as a notable and successful team once again.




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