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Bischu leaves Team Dignitas

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Feb 1, 2013 20:54

ImageThe known British organisation Team Dignias loses the last active player of their original Starcraft II roster as the Swedish Protoss players announced that both parties decided to part ways.

SE Jesper 'Bischu' Johansson never was one of the best players around but he delivered decent results from time to time. Therefore it is no surprise that he could be seen at some offline events.

The Swedish Protoss player has been playing for more than two years for Team Dignitas and has been part of the roster ever since. Neither dignitas nor Bischu gave any reason for the decision to part ways. The Protoss player is looking for a new team though, as he tweeted about it.

It is not yet known if Bischu is looking for a Korean team or if he wants to stay in Europe and what his goals will be. Some notable wins are his qualification for NASL 4 and some top 4 rankings at some Northern Europe LANs. Beside that he took part in some tournaments and online cups, but was not able to score big wins there.




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