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Heart of the Swarm at MLG Dallas

By Julian 'Twinkie449' Leischner
Jan 31, 2013 22:00

ImageRecently Sundance DiGiovanni had announced that there would be no open bracket at MLG Dallas 2013. Now it has been revealed that MLG will provide a lot of Heart of the Swarm content in the near future.

As you can read up in one of our latest articles about MLG Dallas 2013, there will be no open bracket at the event but an alternative had been mentioned, without going into further detail. Now the substitute has been revealed.

A series of invite-only Heart of the Swarm Showdowns will be broadcasted throughout the next month and the first week of March. In total there will be 56 players, therefore 28 matches and 28 players left after all matches have been played.
The players who win their match will enter in a 32-player Heart of the Swarm exhibition tournament at MLG Dallas and they will be joined by the top four of the MLG 2012 Fall Championship, KR Seung Hyun 'Life' Lee, KR Dong-Nyung 'Leenock' Lee, KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee and KR Choi Ji 'Bomber' Sung.

The matches will be broadcasted at 5pm Eastern Standard Time each weeknight and on a few Sundays, starting on the fourth of February and ending with the final match on the eighth of March.




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