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TeG unveil CS:GO team

By Davidov 'Kha-El' Ediz
Jan 31, 2013 23:30

ImageThe romanian organization TeG makes it official. They have switched to CS:GO with a whole new formula.

The romanian team has disbanded the CS 1.6 squad and formed a new team that will play under their tag in CS:GO events. The former members of RO TeG will not play anymore, as they don't find CS:GO to be very interesting.

The new team features four ex RO myR CS:S players: RO Bogdan "maverick" Daniliuc, RO Dragulici "mdaaa" Bogdan, RO Bulai Mihai "CRAZY-" Alexandru, RO Cosma "M4Nu" Emanuel. They were last seen at Gamersject Winter Challenge, where the Hungarian squadrons dominated the event.

The ex RO ZORN Gaming CS 1.6 player,RO Cristian "w0rm1" Anton will complete the line-up, while RO Kosa "r0jer" Robert Atilla will play as stand-in.

Bulai Mihai "CRAZY-" Alexandru said on TeG's official website:
"For the start, it's a honor to play for The Elder Gods in a game that will save Counter-Strike franchise. Team consists of four players coming from CS:S and one from CS 1.6. Thing that few years ago i wouldnt believe will ever happen, that two communities join and play toghether . Our team has an enormous potential, and we will prove this at REC."

The team will attend 3th edition of REC despite the original management statement.

"I know I said that TeG will not attend ReC3, but I mentioned that in the future we will have a CS:GO team and other games. Changes camed after speaking with CRAZY- and we both have decided to lay the foundation a team of TeG's CS:GO team. The team will participate in all local competitions (both online and LAN) and we hope to find the necessary support to send them to european events. WE are sorry that none of the TeG CS 1.6 senior players complete the line-up, but we enjoy their moral support. " Said Dragos "KrieppeN" Karner, manager of TeG team."

The new team of TeG is formed by :
RO Bulai Mihai "CRAZY-" Alexandru
RO Dragulici "mdaaa" Bogdan
RO Cosma "M4Nu" Emanuel
RO Cristian "w0rm1" Anton
RO Bogdan "maverick" Daniliuc
RO Kosa "r0jer" Robert Atilla (stand in)

Source : TeG-Gaming



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