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CS:GO Update 30th January

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Jan 31, 2013 09:20

ImageA new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update has been released. In this update the much anticipated Desert Eagle nerf has come.

One week after the last update, there are some news. Finally the Desert Eagle damage was reduced. In addition to this you can now spectate friends and other people who are playing competitive match making. Among the changes the developers have expressed on the home page. Among the changes the developers have expressed on

"Last week we made some big changes to weapons based on pro feedback. Those changes were just a first step in the evolution of weapon balance in CS:GO, and that process continues with today’s update. We’ll continue to monitor player performance in the weeks to come, so head into a Deathmatch server and give the newest adjustments a shot. This update also includes an easy new way to watch your friends in action. To spectate your friends, just head over to the “Play With Friends” menu. If your friend is on an official matchmaking server, you’ll see a WATCH button next to the JOIN and INVITE buttons. Spectating is a great way to learn some new tricks, or to root for your favorite players while they’re in a match!"

Here the full patch notes for 1/30/2013:
- Nerfed the Deagle.
- Added a feature to spectate friends games via GOTV.
-In 'Play With Friends,' if a friend is on an official matchmaking server the WATCH option will appear next to their name.
- DM immunity changes:
-Default immunity was raised to 10s.
-Moving cancels immunity.

[ MISC ]
- Fixed dedicated server memory leak.
- Reserved server with connected GOTV spectators will hold reservation after all players disconnected for at least TV delay time to allow spectators to watch the match to the end.
- Added convar sv_hibernate_punt_tv_clients to also punt lingering TV spectators after all players disconnected and at least TV delay time elapsed.
tv_snapshotrate will now correctly adjust client-side rates automatically for smooth spectating experience.
- Added convar tv_relayradio, 0 = off, 1 = relay team radio commands to GOTV (default value = 0).
- Added convar tv_relaytextchat, 0 = off, 1 = relay "say" chat only, 2 = relay "say" and "say_team" chat to GOTV (default value = 1).
- Team kills and team damage is now preserved for players in competitive games across disconnects and reconnects.
- Fixed a regression in naming of tv_autorecord demo files.

Source: - Update: Weapons and Spectating
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