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Four more players join AZUBU

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 30, 2013 13:56

ImageBack when some players joined AZUBU's Starcraft II roster, it was already said that some more players are going to be signed by the organisation. Two more Zerg and Terran players will join the roster and complete it to a total of 12.

As of today, the Starcraft II division of AZUBU is complete, as it was announced only a few hours ago. With another bunch of skilled players, the roster might be one of the strongest rosters there are.

With KR Young Jin 'SuperNoVa' Kim, KR Dong Ju 'GanZi' Kim, KR Dong Hyun 'Symbol' Kang and KR Jong Hyuk 'BBoongBBoong' Choi there will be 12 players in the roster and the racial balance seems to be pretty decent at this point.

Apparently the roster is complete - in different ways though. The headcoach Iris got the following expectation for GanZi: "I believe GanZi will act as the oldest brother in the team". The two Zerg players are important as well, as the manager KR Yoon-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee said the following about them: "BBoong and Symbol will act as the pillars of the team's Zerg roster".

As the announcement barely leaves room for any speculation the lineup should finally be complete and the team will compete in GSL and GSTL in 2013. With twelve of the best players in the whole world, the roster seems pretty scary and they could eventually make it pretty far in both GSL and GSTL.

What do you think about the lineup and what are your thoughts and guesses about tournaments and proably even titles they can win?




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