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vVv Gaming disbands Starcraft II roster

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 30, 2013 00:35

ImageWith immediate effect, vVv Gaming will have no Starcraft II division any longer. While the official reasons are players switching to other titles or the denial of competitive support, the players claim a lack of support.

The Starcraft II team loses another organisation within their ranks as the (now former) players of vVv are without a team with immediate effect. Apparently both parties didn't stop their cooperation in good terms, as there are two different stories of why this step happened.

The official statement says, players are switch to other titles and decline professional support. Therefore a Starcraft II division would not be smart anymore, as the officials stated.
In contrast to that some of the former players, such as BabyToss and Hiei, say that there has been a lack of support and interest in their division. Therefore it was not possible for everyone to play their best and a new organisation was needed, which was why they left the team.

Statement by BabyToss
"As of today, I am no longer part of vVv Gaming. We decided to part ways on mutual agreement. Here is my personal statement:
It is time to move on. I joined vVv Gaming in April 2012, with hopes to grow both as a person and a StarCraft 2 player. I ended up coming up with Aspire in the end, to create the desired environment not just for myself, but also for other like-minded people, who wished to pursue StarCraft 2 on more competitive level.

In the end, the direction, which vVv Gaming began to take in last three months was in contradiction to the old values, reasons why I joined the organization and promises from the management, which began directing focus in other way, with their actions and decisions. As such, I believe moving on is the best way for both sides. I personally cannot continue supporting an organization, which doesn't visibly support my division, my team and the game.

All in all, if it wasn't for me joining vVv Gaming, I'd never get to chance to meet some of the awesome people here, I would not learn to be a captain of a team. Despite of all, thank you for all that time. I and my team may be leaving vVv Gaming, but I am not leaving StarCraft 2."

Apparently that caused the Starcraft II players to lose their faith into the vVv management, which ultimately led to leaving the organisation. The Starcraft II team has been started in October 2010 and within three years some players have been playing under the flag of vVw, but not anymore.

What do you think? Which story is true? Once again two parties didn't agree the end of cooperation in good terms and so far one can only decide for one opinion and believe it. Fact is that Starcraft II lost another team in its scene and apparently there are less and less teams now - could this be a new problem?




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