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Curse Creates Academy Team

By Dan 'Danheim' Greeno
Jan 29, 2013 02:52

ImageWith their hands in the pro circuit Curse branches out with the addition of a League of Legends Academy Team to play outside of the Championship Series.

After Riot announced the age limit for the Season 3 Championship Series it seemed that some of the younger professionals would be forced out of the League of Legends scene, but teams have been actively seeking ways to keep their star players around despite the new change of rules. Much like EU Fnatic did, Curse Gaming has created their own Academy Team, and they have compiled a heavy hitting roster to compete on the lower levels of tournament play.

The roster will consist of:

Jungler: IWDominate

As most of you already know IWillDominate was permanently banned by Riot and barred from playing in the Championship Series for Season 3, but playing under his new name IWDominate he continues to be a presence in the League of Legends community. With Curse Academy he has the opportunity to keep honing his skills outside of Solo Queue.

Top: Crs Rhux

Being a prominent Solo Queue player it was back in November of 2012 that Rhux first came into the pro scene when he won Curse's Proving Grounds 1v1 Tournament and earned himself a spot as a substitute with the team. Now he has a chance to prove himself in tournament play with a starting position with the academy team.

Mid: xPobelter

Most will remember him as being a top laner for Curse back in late 2011 and most of 2012, but due to his inability to move into the Curse Gaming house he stepped down from his position. He then later joined Meat Playground, but after their failure to qualify for the Season 3 LCS they were disbanded. He now has a chance to play for Curse once again, albeit with the academy team.

AD: Altec

At the age of 15 he is the youngest member on the roster, but despite his age he has proven himself time and time again in Solo Queue by reaching a top Elo of 2939 in Season 2. He's still young and has a lot to prove, but there's still a long time between now and the beginning of Season 4.

Support: YoDaTV

The final place on Curse Academy goes to YoDaTV. He was the jungler for US Absolute Legends NA before aL dropped their NA team. Although not banned from competitive play for his teammates' wrongdoings during the Season 3 Online Qualifier he had yet to be picked up by another professional team prior to joining the Curse Academy.

In Conclusion

With a young and hungry roster will the academy team have what it takes to stay strong even when not playing in the spotlight? Many of their members still have much to prove, and thanks to Curse Gaming that opportunity has come their way. Good luck to all as they continue to build an eSports legacy!



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