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SK Gaming recruiting experienced Dota 2 editors

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jan 28, 2013 00:18

ImagePositions have opened on the Dota 2 web content crew, with an emphasis upon the editorial side. As a prerequisite, the successful candidates must have experience.

SK Gaming is pleased to announce that we will be recruiting experienced editors to expand our coverage of the Dota scene, with a primary emphasis upon the sequel, Dota 2. Our primary incentive as a whole is to regain the momentum we once had within the Dota community in years prior, by providing a consistent stream of information, as well as special features. While we may not have a Dota 2 team as of now, we would like to give the community one of their hubs of information back. In all practicality, the ideology behind rebooting our Dota 2 content stream is to revive the atmosphere of the days before the MOBAs became a household name, with DotA being the one major exception to the unrealized phenomenon.

Unlike previous postings, in which fans could call out their love of the game and simply be given privileges to our back office, we will be more selective in this sector. As a prerequisite, only experienced esport editors will join the Dota 2 staff. The successful candidates must have prior experience writing for other major sites and display a fluent proficiency with regards to the English language. The prospect is to have editors that do not have to learn the ropes of writing in the process of posting information on the front page of the SK Gaming website. If an applicant does not receive a reply within a week, then it will simply indicate that we would not accept you at the given time.

Job Description
Dota 2 News Editor

Dota 2

10 hours per week

After one months service; various hardware incentives depending on performance.

1. Has previous experience writing esports coverage.
2. Be able to spend +- 10 hours a week to update matches live for Dota 2
3. Has detailed knowledge of the scene.
4. Quick learner
5. A passion for esports, Dota 2 in specific

To maintain the match database, pertaining to players, teams, tournaments and events.

How to apply
Send the following information to

Position applying for
Full name
MSN address and/or Skype name
Esports history
Writing history (incl. sites, role there and time period spent)
Examples of past work (so interviews/articles for feature writer, news for coverage writer)
A basic overview of why you want the job
A basic overview of what you're capable of doing for SK
An overview of the time you have available per week*

* Don't write I'm available all the time, give a reasonable estimate of the time you will have free on an average week. Also mention days and times you are not available.



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