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Fatal1ty Is World Tour Champion

By Chris 'Chris0' Hall
Nov 22, 2005 23:15

One year, nine stops, nine countries, and hundreds of thousands of dollars all come down to just these three days. The back and forth battle between Vo0 and his competition, zyz, then Fatal1ty, and now his team mate Ztrider begins again this Sunday in the biggest event in gaming. This is a new tournament now with competition that had to qualify to attend to provide each player an equal chance to win. And the prize? This is no regular World Tour stop where the first place cash prize was $15,000, this is the Grand Finals and the prize is worth 10 times that amount at a whopping, head turning, jaw dropping, brick laying, $150,000. Where the oversized cardboard checks are eye-candy, and the New York air runs free and thick, and world's best gamers come together to play competitive Painkiller for the very last time, all ties will be severed. Everything is on the line in the final week of the World Tour 2005 and who was once their friend, for the next 5 days will be their enemy in the battle for $150,000. TsN Streams - TVsN Playcenter: - Winamp: - Windows Media Player: - MTV Overdrive: Quick Links CPL World Tour Finals Preview 4Kings Gallery SK Gaming Gallery Upper Round Brackets Lower Round Brackets Seedings Upper Bracket 1st Round Upper Bracket 2nd Round Upper Bracket 3rd Round Upper Bracket 4th Round Upper Bracket Final Lower Bracket 1st Round Lower Bracket 2nd Round Lower Bracket 3rd Round Lower Bracket 4th Round Lower Bracket 5th Round Lower Bracket 6th Round Lower Bracket Finals 7th / 8th Place Decider 5th / 6th Place Decider

Grand Final - Back To Top - Wednesday 00:12 CET
Vo0 [0:2] Fatal1ty
Game 1: 04:08
Game 2: 13:20
Vo0 [0:2] Fatal1ty
Game 1: 11:15
Game 2: 06:26

Consolation Final - Back To Top
Stermy [0:2] Fatal1ty

7th / 8th Place Decider - Back To Top
wombat [2:0] forrest

5th / 6th Place Decider - Back To Top
ztrider [1:2] Booms

Upper Bracket Final - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:1] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket 4th Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] Stermy
zyz [0:2] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket 3rd Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] ForresT
Ztrider [0:2] Stermy
zyz [2:0] gellehsak
wombat [0:2] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket 2nd Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] worre
ForresT [2:1] Zaccubus
Ztrider [2:1] Aim
LeXeR [0:2] Stermy
zyz [2:0] dj
Beam [0:2] gellehsak
Garpy [0:2] wombat
Zen [0:2] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket Round 1 - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] Mojo
SIGUMA [1:2] worre
ForresT [2:0] Mjolnir
Clains [1:2] Zaccubus
Ztrider [2:0] Choaticz [0:2] Aim
LeXer [2:0] maddog
cbnz [0:2] stermy
zyz [2:0] Thump4
dj [2:0] vicious
Booms [0:2] Beam
ZoD [0:2] gellehsak
SteLam [1:2] Garpy
Rat [0:2] wombat
Daler [0:2] Zen
geoff [0:2] Fatal1ty
Lower Bracket Finals - Back To Top
zyz [0:2] Stermy

Lower Bracket 6th Round - Back To Top
zyz [2:0] ztrider
Booms [0:2] Stermy

Lower Bracket 5th Round - Back To Top
ztrider [2:0] ForresT
Booms [2:1] wombat

Lower Bracket 4th Round - Back To Top
Zen [1:2] ForresT
dj [0:2] Ztrider
Booms [2:0] gellehsak
SteLam [1:2] wombat

Lower Bracket 3rd Round - Back To Top
Zen [2:0] Garpy
Chaoticz [1:2] dj
LeXeR [0:2] Booms
SteLam [2:0] Daler

Lower Bracket 2nd Round - Back To Top
SIGUMA [1:2] Zen
CLains [0:2] Garpy
Chaoticz [2:1] Beam
maddog [0:2] dj
vicious [0:2] LeXeR
Booms [2:0] Aim
SteLam [2:1] Zaccubus
Daler [2:1] worre

Lower Bracket 1st Round - Back To Top
Mojo [0:2] SIGUMA
Mjolnir [0:2] CLains
Chaoticz [2:0]
maddog [2:0] cbnz
Thump4 [0:2] vicious
Booms [2:0] ZoD
SteLam [2:1] Rat
Daler [2:0] geoff

The Seeds
01. Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager

02. Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

03. Benjamin "zyz" Bohrmann

04. Alessandro "stermy" Avallone

05. Alex "ztrider" Ingarv

06. Andrew "gellehsak" Ryder

07. Stephan "SteLam" Lammert

08. David "Zaccubus" Treacy

09. Nicola "ForresT" Geretti

10. Mark "wombat" Larsen

11. Vincenzo "Booms" D'Aurelio

12. Fredrik "Aim" Edes├Ąter

13. Alexey "LeXeR" Nesterov

14. Riccardo "vicious" Zanocchio

15. Sean "Daler" Price

16. Viktor "worre" Liljeblad

17. Teppei "SIGUMA" Terabe

18. Brian "Zen" Grapatin

19. Carlos "dj" Cid

20. Stefan "maddog" Timmermans

21. Christian "" Dotzki

22. Iisakki "Beam" Ahonen

23. Antti "Rat" Tolvanen

24. Josh "Mjolnir" Carlson

25. Christian "Clains" Lains

26. Gareth "Garpy" Marshall

27. Matthew "ZoD" Brogan

28. Jared "Chaoticz" Cugno
29. Corbin "cbnz" Crnkoviz
30. Jeffrey "Thump4" McShane

31. Geoffrey "geoff" Akers

32. Jake "Mojo" Valianes



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