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Singapore Fatal1ty Wins!

By Chris 'Chris0' Hall
Oct 16, 2005 10:16

The seedings for the CPL World Tour stop in Singapore have been announced. There aren't to many suprises on the list, the main contenders to the Painkiller title have arrived. This will be another close event, Vo0 and Fatal1ty will be battling it out yet again, but zyz, stermy, SteLam and Ztrider won't be to far behind. The action gets start during the night European time, about 4am, but TsN will keep you up to date with all the information you need to know. TsN Streams - TVsN Playcenter: - Winamp: - Windows Media Player: Quick Links 4Kings Gallery Seedings Upper Bracket 1st Round Upper Bracket 2nd Round Upper Bracket 3rd Round Upper Bracket 4th Round Upper Bracket Final Lower Bracket 1st Round Lower Bracket 2nd Round Lower Bracket 3rd Round Lower Bracket 4th Round Lower Bracket 5th Round Lower Bracket 6th Round Lower Bracket Finals 7th / 8th Place Decider 5th / 6th Place Decider Consolation Final Grand Final

Grand Final - Back To Top
Fatal1ty [2:0] Vo0
Fatal1ty [1:2] Vo0

Consolation Final - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] stermy

7th / 8th Place Decider - Back To Top
zyz [2:0] SteLam

5th / 6th Place Decider - Back To Top
Ztrider [2:0] Zaccubus

Upper Bracket Final - Back To Top
stermy [1:2] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket 4th Round - Back To Top
Zaccubus [0:2] stermy
Ztrider [0:2] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket 3rd Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [0:2] Zaccubus
SteLam [0:2] Stermy
zyz [0:2] Ztrider
gellehsak [0:2] fatal1ty

Upper Bracket 2nd Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] SIGUMA
ForresT [1:2] Zaccubus
SteLam [2:1] Aim
booms [0:2] stermy
zyz [2:0] Vicious
wombat [0:2] Ztrider
gellehsak [2:0] Zhang Zhe
Rocketboy [0:2] Fatal1ty

Upper Bracket Round 1 - Back To Top
Vo0 [1:0] BYE
acelethal [0:2] SIGUMA
ForresT [1:0] Phenic
Tiow lung lung Brett [0:2] Zaccubus
SteLam [2:0] IZECUBEZ
GaRpY [0:2] Aim
booms [2:0] ZoD
BYE [0:1] stermy
zyz [1:0] BYE
Mjolnir [0:2] Vicious
wombat [2:0] Franz
Psych0 [0:2] Ztrider
gellehsak [2:0] virelis
Zhang Zhe [2:1] LeXeR
maddog [1:2] Rocketboy
BYE [0:1] Fatal1ty

Lower Bracket Finals - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] gellehsak

Lower Bracket 6th Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] Ztrider
gellehsak [2:0] Zaccubus

Lower Bracket 5th Round - Back To Top
Vo0 [2:0] SteLam
zyz [1:2] gellehsak

Lower Bracket 4th Round - Back To Top
Rocket Boy [0:2] Vo0
GaRpY [0:2] SteLam
booms [0:2] zyz
LeXer [0:2] gellehsak

Lower Bracket 3rd Round - Back To Top
Rocket Boy [1:0] Zhang Zhe
GaRpY [2:1] Vicious
booms [2:0] aim
LeXer [2:1] SIGUMA

Lower Bracket 2nd Round - Back To Top
Rocket Boy [2:0] acelethal
[0:1] Zhang Zhe
wombat [1:2] GaRpY
Vicious [2:0] ZoD
booms [2:0] Mjolnir
Aim [2:0] Franz
ForresT [0:2] LeXer
SIGUMA [2:1] maddog

Lower Bracket 1st Round - Back To Top
BYE [0:1] acelethal
Phenic [x:x] Tiow lung lung Brett
ZoD [1:0] BYE
BYE [0:1] Mjolnir
Franz [2:0] Psych0
virelis [0:1] LeXer
maddog [1:0] BYE

The Seeds
01. Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager

02. Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

03. Benjamin "zyz" Bohrmann

04. Alessandro "stermy" Avallone

05. Stephan "SteLam" Lammert
06. Alexander "Ztrider" Ingarv

07. Andrew "gellehsak" Ryder

08. David "Zaccubus" Treacy

09. Nicola "ForresT" Geretti

10. Alexey "LeXer" Nesterov
11. Mark "wombat" Larsen

12. Fredrik "aim" Edesater

13. Vincenzo "booms" Daurelio
14. Riccardo "Vicious" Zanocchio

15. Stefan "maddog" Timmermans

16. Teppei "SIGUMA" Terabe

17. James "acelethal" Potts
18. Meng "Rocketboy" Yang
19. Josh "Mjolnir" Carlson

20. Matthew "ZoD" Brogan
21. Gareth "GaRpY" Marshall

22. Yuttachai "Franz" Kardudom
23. Zhang Zhe

24. Aaron "Phenic" Aw

25. Tiow lung lung Brett

26. Carey "virelis" Ticoalu

27. Muhamad yazid "Psych0" Sulaiman

28. Mohamed Fadhil "IZECUBEZ" Mohamed



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