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EU S3 Qualifiers: MYM vs Fnatic

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Jan 26, 2013 19:45

ImageAfter their shaky performance in the group stage Fnatic is now facing MYM in the last game of the day. For both everything is on the line as they fight for one of the few spots in Season 3.

Both teams are expected to take the ticket to Season 3 but yet they have to face each other to make the final step. This is what it's all about and this is the reason the teams are playing. For the fans, for the pride and today - for their spot in Season 3.

PL MeetYourMakers vs EU Fnatic

Game 1

MYM: Blitzcrank, Nidalee, Kha'Zix

Fnatic: Twisted Fate, Jayce, Wukong

MYM: Kayle, Nunu, Evelynn, Miss Fortune, Vladimir

Fnatic: Zyra, Olaf, Taric, Urgot, Rumble

The first game of this best of three started of as we see it more and more often nowadays - a lane switch by Fnatic sent the bottom lane to the top of the map. This wasn't answered by MYM unfortunately, and led to the first blood when Cyanide on Olaf made a visit to the top lane, picking up one kill and the first turret of the game in favour of Fnatic after just four minutes into the game.

Four minutes later, though, MYM was able to secure their first turret in the bottom lane. Shortly after the first teamfight took place as so often near the dragon pit, bringing a huge setback to MYM as Fnatic was able to pick up three kills with no response. In the following time Fnatic didn't allow MYM to take any chances to get back into the game by grouping really early, sieging down turrets and winning every single one of the smaller trades.

The only situation where MYM got an advantage was an engage after another siege, when they were able to pick up two kills for one, still losing their tower though.

In the end, there was only one possible outcome with Fnatic showing their usual convincing performance and securing the first win of the series.

Winner: EU Fnatic

PL MeetYourMakers vs EU Fnatic

Game 2

MYM: Blitzcrank, Nidalee, Kha'Zix

Fnatic: Twisted Fate, Jayce, Wukong

MYM: Kayle, Xin Zhao, Evelynn, Caitlyn, Nunu

Fnatic: Zyra, Olaf, Taric, Urgot, Shen

As the second game started it felt just like a replay of the first with nearly similar teams. However the game did start with a really amazing level one fight, albeit only for Fnatic as they were able to pick up two kills without response by MYM.

This lead didn't favour Fnatic for too long, since shortly after that MYM was able to secure two kills out of a mistake from Fnatic's bottom lane. This seemed to be the wake up call for MYM at first since they were now exchanging blows with Fnatic ending up slightly ahead every time for the next few minutes.

When the team fights began the scores started to spell horror for MYM once again. Not a single fight favoured them and when Fnatic was able to nearly ace their opponents twice in a row the game was basically over, especially when Fnatic picked up the Baron without MYM being able to do anything about it. This once again led to a clear victory for Fnatic after some early game struggles.

Winner and qualified for LCS: EU Fnatic



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