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EU S3 Qualifiers: GIANTS vs. Mousesports

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Jan 26, 2013 19:38

ImageCopenhagen Wolves and aAa were already able to qualify, now it's time for the third quarterfinal between Giants and Mousesports.

Giants went into this match as the favourite, since they are unbeaten in the group stage, and they gonna do everything to remain unbeaten after the quarterfinal. On the other side, Mousesports will give their best to beat the Spanish team and take the spot as a salaried pro team in S3.

ES Giants vs. EU mousesports

Game 1

Giants: Elise, Evelynn, Dr.Mundo

Mousesports: Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Ryze

Giants: Katarina, Lee Sin, Nunu, Zyra, Kennen

Mousesports: Olaf, Kayle, Ezreal, Leona, Renekton

Right as the game started Giants decided to do a lane swap and sent Samux in the botlane. A facecheck in the first bot lane bush forced him to use his flash and a few minutes later a 3-man gank from Mousesports on Samux went wrong. After an awesome play from Samux, he picked first blood on Prothana, and Morden was able to kill Kujaa. At the same time Warhunter teleported bot, trying to help his teammates, but he came too late. As he went back in the mid lane together with Naruterador, they caught Exterminare offguard and killed him.

After that early game action Mousesport just pushed the bot and top lane turrets. The global gold advantage was huge at this point for Mousesports and they were able to pick the first dragon of the game without any problems or fights. After a gank from Warhunter in the bot lane, Samux teleported there and Morden also came from his jungle, both chasing Kayle and Leona down, able to destroy the first turret on the side of Mousesports. The second dragon of the game was also picked up by Mousesports, bringing them back in global gold, but not for long. After a tower rush in the mid lane, Giants were able to combine Nunu + Zyra ultimates, which gave Samux a triple kill, and Baron Nashor to the Spanish team. When Mousesports started pushing for the mid inhibitor, Giants initiated, won the fight and their opponents opted for the surrender.

Winner: Giants

Game 2

Giants: Dr. Mundo, Evelynn, Elise

Mousesports: Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Katarina

Giants: Zyra, Olaf, Kennen, Wukong, Sona

Mousesports: Ryze, Shen, Taric, Varus, Renekton

The action started right in minute 2 as 3 members of Mousesport went straight through the toplane into the tribush on Giants side and tried to get firstblood on Samux, but he was able to escape with 18 HP using Flash. 3 minutes later, Giants were destroying the bot lane turret, but meanwhile Morden got ganked in the top lane by 4 members of Mousesports, giving first blood to Ryze and destroying the outer top lane turret. As Mousesports pushed the lane, and decided to tower dive Samux, and Ryze was able again to pick up a kill. As the fight goes on, Prothana killed two Giants member, and the fight ended 2:3 in favour for Mousesports.

Minute 16, Mousesports tower dived into the inner bot lane turret, but couldn't get a kill out of it. At the same time Samux teleported in the bot lane, picking up a kill. Giants were able to chase the rest of the enemy team down and ended the fight with a 4-0 trade in their favour. That switched the advantage to them. After this fight Mousesports tried to tower dive again, this time under the inner mid lane turret, but again they were forced back and Zyra´s ultimate opened up the chase. Giants took 2 kills, but they were not able to take baron, because they all were way too low on HP. As all five members of Mousesports respawned they went straight for Baron, but Giants interrupted them, aced Mouseports and turned to Baron Nashor. Mousesports surrendered surrendered once again and will try their luck for the last S3 spot tomorrow.

Winner and Qualified for LCS: Giants



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