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EU S3 Qualifiers: aAa vs DragonBorns

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Jan 26, 2013 16:45

ImageAgainst all Authority, one of the favorites to qualify is paired up with DragonBorns, a team that surprised everyone yesterday with their exceptionally good games. In this battle of David verse Goliath, it's all-in for both teams as they battle it out for a spot in Season 3!

Day two has just started and we have another big match-up coming! Most people might say it's a walk in the park for the French, since they topped group C without that much effort yesterday. But, as DragonBorns showed yesterday - they shouldn't be underestimated!

FR against All authority vs EU DragonBorns

Game 1:

aAa: Xin Zhao, Draven, Olaf
DragonBorns: Twisted Fate, Elise, Kha'Zix

aAa: Sona, Shen, Karthus, Ashe, Wukong
DragonBorns: Evelynn, Ezreal, Kayle, Amumu, Zyra


Traditionally, the first game in a best of three series, has always had a nervous start. This one wasn't an exception either, as both teams started off pretty passively just farming up and trying to figure out weak spots to hit.

First blood was in favor of DragonBorns, after a very risky towerdive early on in the game. The kill went to the support (Zyra), which in this case wasn't the best scenario. This kill however, was a huge boost in DragonBors' confidence.

For the time being, Dragon was the main focus of both teams, as they went back and forward the entire time. As tension was building up and the players started to make mistakes, again Shushei's team seemed to be the one to call the shots and events. Thanks to their amazing coordination and teamfight capabilities they managed to pull ahead, taking 2 consecutive Dragons and scoring kills in the process.

Mid Game was when HosaN's Ezreal begin to shine - in the following fights, he managed to score triple kills on two ocasions, giving his team an even bigger boost in confidence. DragonBorns won their first game thanks to their amazing coordination in team fights and mostly HosaN's Ezreal (going 12/1/9)

Winner: EU DragonBorns

Game 2:

aAa: Xin Zhao, Olaf, Kayle
DragonBorns: Elise, Twisted Fate, Kha'Zix

aAa: Evelynn, Ezreal, Sona, Shen, Nidalee
DragonBorns: Zed, Draven, Lee Sin, Taric, Jarvan IV


Having their backs against the wall, the French team knew they had to make something happen in this second game. They started off with a lane swap, which turned out in their favor. At the 3 minute mark, first tower in the game was down. DragonBorns on the other hand, did the same move with aAa's top outer tower. Farming resumed, after 1 on 1 towers and still no kills.

DragonBorns, still had the momentum going from game 1 and decided to answer aAa's aggression with some fancy moves themselves. 5 minutes into the game they secured the first Dragon of the game. First blood went to Shushei's Zed in the aftermath of the Drake Dance.

aAa quickly regrouped and answered DB's aggresion with a well coordinated engage near mid outer turret, scorring 3 kills in the process. The two teams were neck to neck for the following minutes, as the gold difference was very slim, slightly in favor of the French.

This little push was all aAa needed, as they started scoring kill after kill, puling a head, until the point they were able to secure a "sneaky" Baron Nashor with 3-men. DragonBorns were completely cornered in their base and they couldn't defend against the French. With both teams exchanging 1 win, they head into a nerve-wrecking game 3, where one team will qualify for Season 3!

Winner: FR against All authority

Game 3:

aAa: Xin Zhao, Olaf, Kayle
DragonBorns: Twisted Fate, Kha'Zix, Evelynn

aAa: Elise, Shen, Sona, Graves, Lux
DragonBorns: Ezreal, Nidalee, Zyra, Cho'Gath, Jayce


It was all-in for both teams in this third game. aAa had a short breather, after getting the series to a tie, but it was still very intense. And in desperate times, the big players shine! Shlaya's Lux was on top level. He started, by securing first blood for his team, catching enemy Cho'Gath in the junge.

It was all about aAa this game, as they were taking every single piece of gold on the map, forcing DragonBorns further back. First big teamfight was around Drake, as Shushei's team were trying to contest it, they got caught, giving away 2 kills to the French then barely escaping with their lives. This move set them even further behind and they were forced to turtle. Unlike last game, however they had a better teamcomp for this kind of situations.

Then the sieges began, Shlaya's Lux was illuminating aAa's way to victory, as they were so far ahead. After a cople of amazingly good placed binds, they got the kill score to 9:1 and it was Baron time! The French team secured the buff without giving any chance to the enemy for contesting it, then resumed the sieges. Being so far behind, DragonBorns couldn't hold what aAa was throwing at them and after being 1 game up, they ended up losing the series 2:1

Winner: FR against All authority



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