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EU S3 Qualifiers: Millenium vs Copenhagen Wolves

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jan 26, 2013 13:52

ImageThe day when 4 of the 8 still competing teams in the European qualifiers for Season 3 will turn their dreams into reality has finally come. Who will be the first to celebrate - Millenium or Copenhagen Wolves?

Millenium are coming into this as the clear favourites to take the Season 3 spot, but Copenhagen Wolves will certainly not go down without a fight. Despite the latter are having a sub in mid lane since DK Søren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg is still not 17 years old, the team showed some solid play in the group stage yesterday and will try to capitalise on it today.

EU Millenium vs DK Copenhagen Wolves

Game 1

Copenhagen Wolves: Wukong, Evelynn, Kayle

Millenium: Olaf, Elise, Kha’Zix

Copenhagen Wolves: Shen, Cho’Gath, Morgana, Ezreal, Lulu

Millenium: Jax, Amumu, Fizz, Miss Fortune, Zyra

A few minutes into the game the action was starting to get underway. Svenskeren ganked bot, Tabzz responded with his teleport and was immediately followed by cowTard’s. Tabzz managed to pick up first blood, but TheTess got a double kill on him and Haydal and that set the tone for the game. NeeGodBro used his Shen teleport on bot lane and Wolves picked up 2 more kills, which made Millenium’s bot lane get even further behind.

The first bigger skirmish happened at Millenium’s blue buff where Wolves won a 3 for 1 fight, while at the same time NeeGodBro managed to kill Angush 1v1 in the top lane. The Danish team continued their dominance by winning the first team fight in mid lane 3 for 2 and taking a dragon on the back of it. After that they started pushing the top lane and won a 4 for 1 fight with TheTess picking up the quadra kill. Wolves then went for baron and Millenium didn’t even think of trying to stop them. When the Danes started pushing for the mid inhibitor, Millenium initiated on them but lost the fight and opted for the surrender.

Winner: Copenhagen Wolves

Game 2

Copenhagen Wolves: Wukong, Evelynn, Elise

Millenium: Shen, Olaf, Cho’Gath

Copenhagen Wolves: Kha’Zix, Lee Sin, Zyra, Caitlyn, Nunu

Millenium: Ezreal, Kayle, Jax, Lulu, Fizz

With Wolves being one game away from being a part of Season 3 and Millenium one game away from having to fight for the last spot on Sunday, the second match was promising to be much different than the first. Wolves started off with a 3-man gank attempt in top lane, but Millenium were quick to respond with ImSoFresh coming out of the jungle and Tabzz using his teleport to join the party. Damage was traded back and forth but there were no casualties for now.

ImSoFresh and Tabzz started roaming around, picked up the enemy’s red buff and managed to surprise cowTard for first blood in the mid lane. After he respawned though he teleported bot and picked up a kill on Haydal. The ImSoFresh and Tabzz combo continued its pressure by stealing the blue buff and ganking NeeGodBro from behind his turret. They took the kill and the turret, but Wolves took the dragon and the mid turret for themselves.

The action continued with both junglers ganking mid which resulted in a kill for each team. Soon after that Angush got caught in Wolves’ jungle, ImSoFresh tried to help him but both ended up dying and Wolves picked up the second mid turret. Millenium went for Wolves’ one in return, got it and one kill, but lost two members.

The first big team fight was in mid lane where Millenium got 4 kills for 1 and the middle inhibitor, which finally put them ahead of their enemies. After respawning Wolves went for baron, Millenium managed to scare them away from it and tried to take it for themselves but that backfired horribly and they gave away 4 free kills, the baron itself and the gold lead.

Millenium didn’t give up though and managed to get the mid inhibitor once again. Wolves went for theirs in return, Millenium initiated on them but 2 of them died for free and they lost the mid inhibitor. With baron respawning Millenium tried to fight for it and got a 2 for 2, but Wolves pushed for their base, picked up 2 more kills and the 2 nexus turrets. Just when they were about to take the nexus as well Millenium respawned and Tabzz picked up a triple kill. That only postponed the inevitable though and with the next push Wolves aced their opponents and surprisingly for many became the first team to qualify for Season 3, sending the favourites to rethink their strategies before tomorrow’s last chance games.

Winner and qualified for LCS: Copenhagen Wolves



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