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Western Wolves sign MorroW

By Julian 'Twinkie449' Leischner
Jan 26, 2013 12:18

ImageAfter leaving mousesports MorroW was teamless for four months and then joined apeX eSports, which disbanded in November. Now Western Wolves has contracted him for one year.

In 2012 things have become quiet around SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson. Having won IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne in 2010 and taken second place at Assembly Winter 2011 MorroW was always considered a notable player but he lacked good results lately. In 2012 his biggest achievements were reaching the round of 48 in GSL 2012 Season 1 Code A and the round of 16 at Dreamhack Open Stockholm but he did not manage to get deep runs at any tournament. What he did do though towards the end of the year was practising a lot in the Heart of the Swarm beta.

Being one of the most popular race switchers, practising both Zerg and Terran to be able to avoid Zerg vs Zerg in tournaments by playing Terran instead, he is commonly known to train very disciplined and to have good game insight which he has proven in the Heart of the Swarm beta as well. Several players who participate actively in the beta have called his builds the most solid and inventive and the heavy beta practise might be one of the reasons why he lacked notable results in late 2012. With the release of Heart of the Swarm he might, just like when Wings of Liberty was released, start off as one of the players with the most game insight and experience in the new environment, possibly enabling him to win tournaments again.

At least that could have been a big factor for the management of Western Wolves to add him to their roster. MorroW has signed a contract with Western Wolves for one year and will now play alongside 2012 revelations SE Rickard 'SortOf' Bergman,
SE Daniel 'StarNaN' Ohlsson and KR Ju 'Sting' Hoon. A player like MorroW will not only bring one skilled new member into the team but with his extensive game insight he can also be helpful for his teammates.

I am psyched to see if he can use his beta knowledge to secure wins in tournaments after the release of Heart of the Swarm but of course that is not the only reason why he should be able to rise again. Overall he is just one inexhaustible, disciplined hell of a player who had a bit of a low in mid to late 2012 but I wish him best of luck with his new team and hope for good results in 2013.




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