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EU S3 Qualifiers: Day 1 Recap

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jan 25, 2013 22:54

ImageThe first day of the European Qualifiers for the Championship Series was full of emotions and great display of skills by all teams. Read on to see who's advanced to the quarter-finals.

The group of death also known as Group A showed us that even the favourites could bleed and if they don't give their 110%, they could easily take the first flight home tomorrow. EU Fnatic had to fight for their spot in the quarter-finals in the last 5th game of the group, but in the end survived the group stage and advanced alongside ES Giants . EU Team ALTERNATE and PL Anexis though had to leave the competition.

One of the other favourites of the tournament, EU Millenium didn't have much trouble to go out of Group B with a quick 2-0. They were followed by EU DragonBorns, while DE Team Acer and surprisingly for many EU LoLPro are out.

In Group C FR against All authority topped the group, while DK Copenhagen Wolves took second place. FR TCM-Gaming and PL Trudniej Już Nie Będzie dind't show the amount of skill needed to advance to the second day and will watch the rest of the tournament from their homes.

In the group of only three teams, Group D, PL MeetYourMakers didn't break a sweat in order to advance to the quarter-finals. They were followed by EU mousesports who had to win twice against PL EloHell in order to take the second place.

After today's matches tomorrow's quarter-finals will look like that:

EU Millenium vs DK Copenhagen Wolves - 10:00 CET
FR against All authority vs EU DragonBorns - 13:00 CET
ES Giants vs EU mousesports - 16:00 CET
PL MeetYourMakers vs EU Fnatic - 19:00 CET

4 of these teams will make their dreams come true tomorrow by qualifying for the League of Legends Championship Series. What are your predictions?



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